All For One Voice

As we have grown on this planet we have accumulated programming damage in the form of corrupt information. The technical term for this corrupt information is 'bullshit' and the effect that it has on humanity is that it causes wars and suffering. Most of the bullshit emanates from those who have wormed their way into positions of influence or power and who have bigoted, selfish and egotistical views which they want to enforce on others, sometimes with the help of the masses at their disposal. This bullshit results in bad feeling and in the ordinary people being caught up in situations they would rather not be in. In our past history we have seen rather a lot of this and recent trends indicate that it is set to continue as currently the bullshit is as prolific as ever. As a result things have got notably worse, rather than improving.

The way things are and have been presents us all with a complete and comprehensive education. By now all of humanity should have seen enough to be able to know the difference between right and wrong, although many choose not to act on it. As our lessons in life go on, our education for the Earth as a whole becomes nearer complete enough for all individuals to be able to make a conscious decision...

This, the continuation of life on Earth - yes or no?

As we now stand it is time for each and every one of us to think about this and make that conscious choice. If we conclude that we have learnt enough to make the right choice, as humanity, as one mind, as one planet, as one body, one good; then we and our children may inherit peace on Earth and give worth to all the suffering and the effort that has gone before. Otherwise all that we have been through will have meant nothing because we will have learnt nothing. Life on Earth has only just begun but if we wish it to continue we must will it to be so. Mankind on Earth can achieve truly fantastic and presently unimaginable things if we can but realise the following in time...

As In Truth There Is Only One Truth

Evolved Life Forms Must Conclude

One Voice For Life For One Voice!