Greater People's Organisation

(For Peace On Earth)

working for the greater peoples and for people to be greater

To encourage human decency and personal evolution through education and example

The world is so lovely when everyone gets on. It makes you wonder why we cannot see that. We can blame the other side, but in truth there is only one side – humanity. It makes you wonder why we cannot see that. Life is precious in the extreme, its value is belittled by the way we behave. It makes you wonder why we cannot see that!

Unless you came here and saw it for yourself, you would never believe that a so-called intelligent life form could make such a mess of life on such a beautiful planet blessed with everything anyone could ever possibly need!

The world doesn't have to be the way it is! But only we can change it!

It is in the common interest of all men that we survive on our planet, and that we manage our planet, ourselves and our resources cleanly and efficiently!

Worthwhile And Meaningful: The Greater People's Organisation is aimed at uniting individual people and organisations on behalf of common interest to achieve change for the better. Aimed at raising awareness and encouraging people to be greater adopting the philosophy that we are all important and that we are all a part of something worthwhile and meaningful. The Greater People's Organisation works on behalf of all people and is aimed at the heart of world problems as we know them today. Greed, disunited religion and the lack of ordinary democracy.

Much Greater For Everyone: The human body requires its individual parts to work together in order that we may exist in a healthy and stable environment. It also requires that each individual cell and body part be nourished accordingly and given what is needed. If we can apply these basic life-principles of existence to each other, life on Earth will be much greater for everyone.

Everybody Is A Part: Everybody needs to feel a part, because everybody actually is a part! Everybody needs to feel worth, because everybody actually has worth! However, everything depends on the way we are educated and indoctrinated. The consideration of others is paramount if we are ever to achieve peace and unity on this planet. Walking all over people on behalf of greed, exploitation or manmade religion, is not ever going to achieve peace!

The Greater Will: There is a way that works for all, not just for some at the expense of others, but for everyone. Whether by accident or by design, this planet has everything we need to achieve this, except the greater will.

Greater People's Organisation
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