Freedom and Freewill

"I present myself as an individual of the planet Earth and expect the right to personal freedom as long as I harm no other!"

"God gave you the power to make up your own mind! Has anyone the right to take that away?"

"Each individual on this planet should be able to expect the right to personal freedom as long as they harm no other! Most of the problems and the ill will on this planet are caused by those who interfere in the lives of others! If we ever want to achieve peace and contentment in our society and in the world at large, this interference has got to stop! Independence isn't crucial, but some consideration and say in the running of your own life and your own affairs is!"

Independence Day!

"Some people want to control. Some people want autonomy. The battle goes on between those who want to control and those who just want to live their lives and think for themselves! Some of us would actually like a say in our own lives, in our own roads, our own towns, and our own countries!"

All around this world, nations and people celebrate their hard won independence every year. It is that important that we human beings continue to celebrate and acknowledge such anniversaries with our Independence Days! It is a fact that most of the problems on this planet are caused by people interfering in the lives of others! People bring their arrogance, their ignorance, their selfishness and even their prejudices to bear as they try and impose their often questionable ideas of how they think the world should be and persecute and punish the people who disagree. Sometimes they use God as an excuse, sometimes they make unjust laws to reinforce their unjust ideas, which they then use as 'justification' to carry out their persecution of people who don't fit with or subscribe to their viewpoint. People should live and let live, but even in this fair land, we have not quite managed to do that yet! Independence, and the right to be yourself without interference from others, is a massive issue and one of the major keys to solving all the problems in this world. Perhaps we can start in the United Kingdom, by getting our own house in order! Now wouldn't that be good!

Personal Autonomy And Independence - I Like To Make Up My Own Mind!

"I don't mind people having different views to my own but I don't want those views imposed on me!"

It should be considered paramount that we acknowledge the fundamental right of a person to choose for them self in matters which only affect the individual. As long as they are harming no other, people should be entitled to choose for themselves and should be allowed to decide what they feel is right for them. It is wrong to think we know better on behalf of other people to the point where we impose our will, our belief, and our opinion on them using force. Unfortunately, it still happens everywhere in this world. The world it seems is full of arrogant people who think they know better on behalf of others and simply just can't resist poking their noses in and bullying people, or worse. However, if you want to persuade someone to do something differently, and believe they should be doing so, educate them and show them a better way, don't beat them with a big stick, lead by example, for it is still their prerogative and their choice to make. Apart from your parents perhaps, when you are at a young age, it must be clearly understood that no man or woman has the right to dictate and force their own opinion on you!

  • No affairs that involve personal lifestyle choice, personal belief or opinion, should be subject to dictatorial rule.
  • Any form of harassing, bullying, or persecuting of people, simply because they choose to hold a different belief, or adopt a different lifestyle choice is wrong!
  • Where such issues have been enshrined in law, the law is wrong and needs to be changed!
  • It is absolutely crucial that we move away from this 'I know better than you on your behalf' mentality.

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It's A Free Country! Or Is It..???

Local Autonomy And Independence
A call to reduce and limit centralization of control and authority in favour of more localization of control and authority. It is by far better to manage things at a local level than being told what you can and can't do by people who don't even live there and certainly should be better occupied minding their own business. In fact, all over the world the struggle goes on a daily basis because people aspire to have independence and control over their own lives and yet others don't want to let them have it. The end result is often that innocent people suffer. It seems that far too many people have yet to learn to mind their own business and allow others the same privilege. Independence isn't necessarily important, but consideration is. Where there is a lack of consideration, independence becomes much more of an issue!

What Did So Many Die For?
Millions of people have died in the past. Millions of people died even in the last two world wars. Hundreds of people are still dying on a daily basis all over the world in the scattered multitude of small isolated struggles. The question is, for what? The answer is, for the right of people to live as they would choose, and have control over their own lives, without having others unjustly imposing their will on them. This simple right is so important to people that they have been prepared to sacrifice their lives in order to try and achieve it. Others have had no choice for they have been bulldozed and bombed in the onslaught. Despite all the efforts and sacrifices of all our ancestors, we still haven't achieved this simple right for people. Even in our so-called free democratic society, the Hitler mentality is still alive and kicking in the form of the authorities. People may not be dying in our streets, but the struggle is alive and battle still being fought, for the rights of people to live sensibly as they would wish and have out of life what they feel they should be entitled to. There is no true freedom, yet! Just a watered down, half-arsed, poor excuse, peddled by the powers-that-be.

Legalise Euthanasia And Recognise The Right To Die
Old age and illness can be very depressing and life degrading for some people. Having served their time in this world, and feeling that they have had enough, especially when terminally ill, people should be allowed to opt out with support if they want to. As long as we are satisfied that a person isn't being coerced into making the decision to end it all, it should be no one else's business. People should not be deprived of the right to end their lives and move on if they feel it is appropriate and would wish it to be. Likewise, people should be offered the appropriate help and support in order to do so. The fact that people are not legally entitled to do so in the U.K. is just another example of men sticking their big noses in where they are not welcome and where they are not morally entitled to do so. There is no justification for the bullies in this world to force their own bigoted views on others whom disagree, in law or otherwise. The fact that politicians debated and still voted against this recently by a significant margin also shows just how out of touch they are with the people they are supposed to represent. In fact, by far the majority of the public are in favour of the right to die and yet the politicians voted against this by 330 to 118, nearly 3 to 1. Another prime example of the lack of actual democracy in this country.

Human Rights?
Yes, most of us would agree that everybody is entitled to human rights. However, if you have given no regard to the human rights of others, you should not expect to have your own human rights acknowledged. It is sickening to hear the likes of criminals and child abusers bleating on about their human rights when they have given absolutely no consideration to the rights of their victims. If you do not recognise, or give consideration to, the human rights of others, you should not expect, and do not deserve, to have your own acknowledged! It is that simple!

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Human Rights - When Is It Right...???

"Everyone has a right to be happy and a right not to be treated by others in ways that make us unhappy!"