Food Abuse!
We often hear people talking about drug and alcohol abuse but what about food abuse...?

Less Salt, Less Sugar, Please!
A call for manufacturers to reduce the salt and sugar content of processed foods. After all, an individual can always add more salt or sugar if they so wish, where as one cannot so easily take it away.
Salt kills 40,000 people a year!

No VAT On Food
Many people believe there should be no VAT on food at all. Putting VAT on take away and restaurant food just penalises the less well off, making it less affordable for them to enjoy a treat. It also penalises the pubs, which are relying on serving food to try and stay afloat, and makes it increasingly difficult for them to compete with the supermarkets on the price of a drink.

Food Waste
A call for an end to dumping of the tremendous amount of perfectly good edible naturally grown food that is currently discarded just because it doesn't meet specific supermarket size or shape requirements.

Fish Waste
Whose idea was it that perfectly good fish should be thrown back into the ocean dead? Have we got that much food and that many fish that we can afford to waste them and act so disrepectfully. Some idiot somewhere seems to think so. However, when a fish is already dead it is completely nonsensical to discard it by throwing back in the ocean. Alternative strategies that are not disrespectful and wasteful need to be implemented. These people have had years to work it out and they still haven't managed to implement some commonsense. Perhaps they just don't have any!

G.I. Index and Points Value
A call for manufacturers to publish the G.I. index and Weight Watchers' points' values of food products on the packaging so as to help inform and educate people who are trying to watch their weight and health.

Better Conditions For Poultry And Livestock:
Many people would like to see a ban on intensive farming methods that are less than compassionate regarding the animals' welfare and quality of life - to say nothing of the quality of the food!

Investigation And Transparency In Meat Products?
We already know that meat is injected with water to increase its weight. A rather distasteful practice in itself. We also know that suppliers of meat products feed the animals certain drugs or chemicals. What we don't really know is the effects of all of this on people. Perhaps it's time for facts to be more out in the open and some consideration given to the long term effects of what people eat as a result.

Stop Injecting The Meat
Fed up with snotty looking bacon and chicken, etc. Manufacturers aren't allowed to water down beer, why on Earth are they allowed to water down meat? It makes it look snotty, gross and unappealing, and as usual, the only reason they do it is to make more money. Disgusting habit!