Food Abuse!
We often hear people talking about drug abuse. Nevertheless, many adults like to enjoy alternative substances, which they feel, just as with alcohol, are perfectly ok up to a point. Controlled substances, like many things, are currently badly managed in our society, which is largely why we incur fatalities. Even so, despite the lack of control, drug abuse deaths in the U.K. only number around 2,000 a year, whereas deaths from alcohol and tobacco are around 8,000 and a 100,000 respectively. However, this paragraph is about a much less familiar concept and expression - food abuse! Food abuse is becoming a very serious problem with obesity and diabetes being set to bankrupt the NHS in coming years if we don't act. Educating people to eat more of the right things and reducing some of the harmful ingredients in their diet is a must. For example, how many people know that salt kills 40,000 people a year and that scientific tests have shown sugar to be eight times more addictive than cocaine. Is it not about about time we got things into some perspective? Education is essential, however, before education has to come some appreciation and respect from those in charge! Our government needs to wake up and act!

Less Salt, Less Sugar, Please!
A call for manufacturers to reduce the salt and sugar content of processed foods. After all, an individual can always add more salt or sugar if they so wish, where as one cannot so easily take it away.
Salt kills 40,000 people a year!

No VAT On Food
Many people believe there should be no VAT on food at all. Putting VAT on take away and restaurant food just penalises the less well off, making it less affordable for them to enjoy a treat. It also penalises the pubs, which are relying on serving food to try and stay afloat, and makes it increasingly difficult for them to compete with the supermarkets on the price of a drink.

Food Waste
A call for an end to dumping of the tremendous amount of perfectly good edible naturally grown food that is currently discarded just because it doesn't meet specific supermarket size or shape requirements.

Fish Waste
A call for an end to dumping of fish back in the oceans just because it is over quota. When the fish is already dead it is completely nonsensical to discard it by throwing back in the ocean. Alternative strategies that are not disrespectfully and unnecessarily wasteful need to be implemented.

G.I. Index and Points Value
A call for manufacturers to publish the G.I. index and Weight Watchers' points' values of food products on the packaging so as to help inform and educate people who are trying to watch their weight and health.

Better Conditions For Poultry And Livestock:
Many people would like to see a ban on intensive farming methods that are less than compassionate regarding the animals' welfare and quality of life - to say nothing of the quality of the food!

Stop Injecting The Meat:
Fed up with snotty looking bacon, etc. Manufacturers aren't allowed to water down beer, why on Earth are they allowed to water down meat? It makes it look snotty, gross and unappealing, and as usual, the only reason they do it is to make more money. Disgusting habit!