What A Big Nose! Don't we all get fed up with people poking their noses where they're not wanted? Answer - YES!
When I renewed my existing mortgage deal with Santander, the company that took over the Abbey National, who I had been with for many years, they said they I was eligible for an additional loan. I didn't ask, they offered. I wasn't in need at the time, and so politely declined the offer. However, due to the impending implementation of the low emission zone in the London area, and my vehicle being regrettably forced off the road as a consequence, I thought I might follow up the offer and perhaps try and buy a more modern vehicle. Not that there was anything wrong with the one I had. It was clean, and for the little I used it for, it would have quite easily lasted me for another few years, but as I was being forced to effectively scrap it against my will, the loan that was mentioned seemed like a possible solution. However, upon applying to Santander for the loan they were happy to offer me, they wanted to know the ins and outs of a dog's backside (although I don't actually have a dog). Even though I was happy to have the loan secured against my property, therefore, they could not possibly lose out. Even though my mortgage is with them that apparently was still not good enough.

Nagging Mum! I felt like I was talking to my mum, "Are you sure you can afford it" I could hear her saying in that nagging voice, lol, (sorry mum). The last time I heard my mum say that was over thirty-five years ago, at the age of seventeen, when I wanted to buy a guitar from her catalogue. Takes me back a bit. Since then I have been standing on my own two feet, more or less, thinking for myself and making my own decisions, believe it or not, without any minding and mothering from Santander. However, this was simply now not good enough for them. In the end, I got completely fed up with the rigmarole and pointed out to the gentleman I was talking that even if I was in an archetypal job, with no additional outgoings, I could easily lose it at anytime, it happens. So there are no real guarantees in life, as you never know quite what's around the corner until you get there. Besides, I could go and get a loan from a dealer just like that and without any additional aggravation.

Equity Is Guarantee! Surely though, with significant equity in the property, a faultless track record, and the fact that I have managed to survive this long, through quite difficult times on occasion, should be guarantee enough. After all, whose business is it anyway? Another interesting point is that the gentleman I spoke to said that all this information was necessary due to FSA requirements, however, when I spoke to the FSA the next day about this issue, they said they make no such requirement on personal loans. Humm! Further investigation needed. One more point, all banks and building societies make a point, nowadays, of saying that they do not offer financial advice and what they say should not be taken as such. That being case, why do they then think they are qualified to know what is best for you and run your financial affairs and your livelihood?

Whose Responsible? This is not the first time I have come across this problem. As far as I can see, and most other people I have spoken to, if you have the equity in your property and YOU think you can afford it, then that should be up to you. After all, in this instance, not having a suitable vehicle, because being inside the low emission zone has forced mine off the road, means I can't actually do part of my work. Now that COULD be a problem. Isn't it marvelous how the people that think they are being so responsible on our behalf, and purport to know what they are doing, can completely mess things up for us and they still get paid for it!