Tax Loopholes - Lord Ashcroft

If you have reached a point in life where you feel the need to become a tax exile, you have too much money and should put some back! It is that simple!

OCD: Many people become completely obsessed with money in this world, paranoid that somehow they are going to lose out if they don't tuck it away, regardless of how much they have accumulated and regardless of how many others suffer as a consequence.

Corrupt: As time goes on, and the truth comes out, it becomes more and more evident that our political system is corrupt and that our government and those involved with government are overly greedy. Perhaps, epitomized no better than by one such former chairman of the Conservative Party - Lord Ashcroft.

Lordly? Lord Ashcroft is a British-Belizean businessman and British politician. Net worth: 1.72 billion USD (2018) Forbes. He was given a life peerage at the rank of Baron but is there anything lordly about this man, who effectively short changes his own people and his own country by being a tax-exile when he could so easily afford not to be? Having relocated his citizenship in the tax haven of Belize (former British colony of Honduras), he is turning his back on this country and the people that live here and yet he still wants a say in what goes on in government and UK politics. I wonder why!

Crime Against Humanity: Of course, he is not the only one and the leak of the Paradise Papers have revealed a list of suspect people, who can all be considered overly greedy and morally questionable. Greed is a serious problem for all decent ordinary people! Greed should be recognized as a crime against humanity, because it results in signifcant numbers of unnecessary victims, considerable mental anguish, pain, suffering and even demise!