The Indirect Taxation Of The Ordinary People

Gross Manipulation: Obscene greed is rampant in our society and in the world at large, with a proportionately tiny number of people monopolising most of the wealth. In recent times in the UK we have seen a gross manipulation of circumstances by various governments, regardless of party, to suit these greedy people.

A New Buzzword: To justify some of their moves, in recent times the rich have coined a new buzzword, 'austerity'. This is designed to make the ordinary people think that they have got to pull their belts in and do more for less. However, austerity is another con that only affects the ordinary people whilst the rich and super rich have been getting comfortably richer still, with business as usual, exploiting the poverty that they have created.

Discrete Moves: As well as the manipulation of assets and the rigging of house prices to maximize profits, we have seen a number of 'discrete' moves by our governments, all designed to get more money out of the ordinary people and those who can least afford it whilst not affecting the rich in the slightest.

Blatant Child Abuse: It has been so bad in recent times that some people simply cannot afford to live anymore. We have seen people lose their homes, families being dependent on food banks and children going to school not having eaten because they have had no food to eat. This is blatant child abuse caused and sanctioned at the very highest levels in our society by our wonderful caring and compassionate government.

Obscene Greed: These problems are not due to famine or shortages on our planet, it is simply due to obscene greed and the ill-distribution of wealth by badly motivated puppet-like politicians and the greedy people that pull their strings. Every government and every household has to try and balance the books. However, whether this is done fairly and considerately in both society and household alike, makes a considerable difference to people's happiness, quality of life and potential fulfilment.

Indirect Taxation: Below are listed some of the examples of the moves in the form of indirect taxation that do not affect the rich but make life much more difficult, sometimes impossible, for the ordinary people in society...

  • Cutbacks To Local Authorities: This has affected every ordinary person in society, with local authorities being forced to find additional ways (some of which have been rather sneaky and underhanded) in which to make up the shortfall.
  • Congestion Charging: Forces poor people off the road and privileges the rich, who can afford to pay the charge without noticing.
  • Toll Charges: Forces poor people to avoid routes like the M6 toll but again privileges the rich, who can afford to pay the charge without noticing.
  • Zero Hours Contracts: Zero or minimal hours contracts means maximum profits for the rich companies whilst the people that help turn the wheels have to struggle to survive in between what they are given.
  • Student Loans: Average debt for students is now around £57,000 which is also accrues 6% interest. Crosstalk by Taz... University vs Apprenticeship
  • VAT Increase: VAT is a mechanism that only affects the ordinary people, not the rich, who can easily afford to pay it. It was increased from 17.5% to 20% in the 2010 so-called 'emergency budget'.
  • VAT On Fuel: A 5% levy that doesn't affect the rich but puts additional strain on those low incomes.
  • VAT On Restaurants and Takeaway Food: A 20% levy on restaurants means that the ordinary people who struggle with their living expenses in this corrupt society are less likely to be able to afford a treat.
  • Hospital Car Parking Charges: Affects the poor, not the rich.
  • Other Car Parking Charges: Affects the poor, not the rich.
  • Penalty Notices: Usually issued by the local authorities and motivated by the need to raise money, we have seen a deliberate and devious ploy by local authorities to under-provide on parking, by not catering for the amount of people and vehicles in a given area. They have also painted more yellow lines, thereby reducing parking spaces and banned pavement parking including in impractical places. They have then sent out their army of so-called civil enforcement officers, who travel around the borough at all times of day and night, exploiting the difficulties that people face as they try and go about their business within the confines of the environment created by those in charge.
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  • Extortionate Rents: The corrupt politicians and the greedy rich controlling elite all have massive investments in property through which they have made significant monies at the expense and suffering of many of the ordinary people who have been pushed further and further into poverty. Homelessness has gone up very significantly all over the country.
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