Putting An End To Financial Misappropriation And Inefficiency
Society currently wastes inordinate amounts of money through inefficiency, misappropriation and mismanagement. Whilst the ordinary people feel the squeeze, and the effects of 'austerity', the powers-that-be spend inordinate amounts of public money, without our permission, on things we don't want and not enough on things we do. Society badly needs to try and reduce financial inefficiency and waste and it is about time the public had some say in what their money is spent on at both local and national level. It should not be too much to ask to expect some say in what your own money is spent on!

Tax Loopholes - Lord Ashcroft
There are some devious greedy people in this world! Whilst some are struggling to survive and feed their kids, others are tucking away millions that they don't need through loopholes in the tax system. It makes you wonder if these loopholes have been deliberately placed there for the very purpose of allowing the rich controlling elite to get away with their scumbaggery. Of course, the politicians would deny this but then they certainly haven't done anything to help prevent it from happening, as they continue to put more and more financial pressure on the ordinary people, many of whom have little to begin with. The whole system is corrupt and this corruption starts at the very top of our own Government. It is about time we had some true decency in the management of our society and about time an end was put to the carefully constructed, covert, less than obvious tax loopholes that have been sown into our tax system that enable such greedy people to avoid tax and to spirit away significant amounts of money that they don't actually need, whilst others cannot even afford to eat!

Direct Debit Cap
A suggestion to implement a ban on companies helping themselves to the money in your bank account over and above the agreed amount of your direct debit without getting your express permission…

End Fixed Inflexible Local Authority Budget Allocation
A call to end the fixed budget system that means local authorities are forced to spend money on things just to use up their allocation so as to ensure that they get the same allowance and the money they need for the following year. It is important that local authorities have what they need, and it is also important that they have the flexibility to decide how to use their allocation, in order to ensure the public get the best possible service and value for money. It is also important that we don't spend ill-affordable amounts of money just for the sake of it, as that is simply a waste. Flexibility is important. Not everything in life is so black and white. Most members of the public are aware of this, but why not those in charge?

Indirect Taxation
How various governments have protected the obscene profits and fortunes of the rich controlling elite by putting the squeeze on the ordinary people through various mechanisms of indirect taxation...

Equifax / Experian - A Dodgy Business
No company should be allowed to hold personal information on you which can be erroneous and detrimental to your financial well-being without you being entitled to view and vet the information, free of charge, at any time!

It just goes to show how you can be penalized when Equifax and Experion get their facts wrong, or because of their unfair criteria! If such companies are going to hold personal detailed financial information that can adversely affect your financial well-being, your business plan and your livelihood, and certainly when it can be erroneous and incorrect because they haven't got their facts right, one should be entitled and able to view it and vet it free of charge at any time! What these companies do, when they get their facts wrong, is a character assassination tantamount to slander and libel. It is disgusting that such companies are currently allowed to operate in this fashion, and then actually charge people to view the information they hold on them. We would like the Government to make it compulsory for any such company to divulge such personal information to the individual concerned, on demand, free of charge, at any time. After all, they can make their money from the money-lenders, who have obviously got plenty of it, and not public who are just being unmorally exploited and milked. It is also now becoming apparent that if you can't be sufficiently milked on a regular basis by the credit companies and you don't make money for them they will penalise you with a low credit score and make life difficult for you. Until the problems and moral issues with Equifax and Experian are properly addressed voluntarily, or in law, consumers can now access their credit reports, free of charge, on an ongoing basis by using Noddle. = Wronga.con
A call for the Government to ban, or properly regulate, morally bereft companies, such as Wonga's sole purpose seems to be to exploit people in need, by enticing them to borrow money, and charging them highly extortionate interest rates and excessive fees in return. This basically means that people who fall into the Wonga trap can be lured into a situation where they will never get out of debt and can be financially written off, all for the sake of borrowing a few hundred pounds. The interest rate, as currently advertised on is 4214% APR, yes, that's right, over four thousand per cent APR. Even the highest credit cards do not normally exceed 30% APR. This means that are charging people 140 times as much as even the highest of credit cards. Taking advantage of people already in dire straits is a sad reflection of the monetary and moral state of our society.

Whose Business Is It Anyway?
Why is that banks and building societies so often don't want to allow you to be in control of your own finances, assets, and equity, and allow you to make your own decisions, especially when they can't possibly lose. Are they so caring, and concerned for your welfare? Do they actually know better than you? I think not, on both accounts! They're just as capable of making a mess of it as anyone, and don't we know it!

Bexley Public Sent To Coventry Over Council Tax
It's hard enough communicating with, and getting sense out of our local council, at the best of times. However, if you want to deal with a council tax issue there and then, tough, because the public have now been sent to Coventry...

How Bankers Take The Proverbial
We are always hearing politicians and the money men justifying as to why bankers deserve such large bonuses. However, who ultimately pays the price for their obscene greed?

Tax System Revision
Greed is a disease and massive problem in this world. It would be nice if people had the moral understanding to know better. Unfortunately, many don't. We should not be encouraging greed with a tax system that is blatantly corrupt, out of date and inefficient. Currently too many greedy individuals and companies can take advantage of the mess that is our UK tax system. Our UK tax system is like an over complicated computer programme riddled with bugs. The programme is so complicated that most people, including the Government and the Tax Office (so they maintain), can’t see where the bugs are or how to get rid of them. However, the high paid tax experts make it their business to exploit those bugs (well I never). Consequently, the big companies and many other people as well are enabled to be overly greedy and avoid paying what is fair and what they could easily afford to pay. Our tax legislation is currently the most complicated in the world with a book amounting to over 20,000 pages of rules (just the way they like it). We need to start again from the ground up and simplify the whole system to produce something more straightforward and easily understandable. A more easily understandable system fair by all that the selfish and greedy people in this world cannot abuse. These people think they are eing clever, but there is nothing clever about greed, especially when it causes untold suffering.

The National Lottery
Ideas for perhaps revising the national lottery making it fairer, increasing chances of winning something and therefore making it more worthwhile doing for people.