What Do People Actually Want?

Fairness and Opportunity

When members of the public were calling for a change in the licensing laws relating to small venue entertainment, it was because people wanted an end to discrimination, less complication, more fairness and more opportunity for people in general. The original law, as we know, was outdated, poorly thought out and inhibited the growth of new talent. This law has been long overdue for change and people have waited very patiently for the politicians to get around to addressing this problem.

Government Out Of Touch

However, even now, at long last, this situation is being addressed, it appears that the new proposals are not conducive to achieving any of the above objectives. In fact, it appears that the new proposals will be taking society even further down the road of less opportunity, depleting facilities and ultimately making it harder for people to enjoy the social and educational aspects of local entertainment. We are not happy about this and, if this is the case, feel that yet again the Government are out of touch with what is required by the people they are supposed to be serving. We currently feel that the licensing of entertainment in small venues needs to be scrapped altogether and feel that there is more than enough evidence and good reason to support this course of action. We therefore respectfully request that the Government revise the situation to this end as originally requested and as favoured by the majority of the general public.

Let's Keep It Simple

There is actually no need to license small venues in the first place, and life would be a lot better and easier for all concerned if there was no such requirement. We hope that the Government can be made to understand this and for once see further than the 'opportunity to make some more money mentality'. Public consensus favours the eradication of such licensing laws altogether and that's how it should be!

Shouldn't The Public Have What They Want?

What the politicians have to decide is, are they going to give the people what they want and what is best for the people, or are they going to use our request to scrap licensing of small venues as another excuse to screw the people at the expense of up-and-coming talent?

Recreation Is Important

Our Government, compared to many others, do little to encourage young up-and-coming talent in many areas of sport and art. We, in this country, are often denied an opportunity, or we are made to pay through the nose for it. It is about time that our Government realised that money is not the God that we should all be looking to worship. Recreation in the form of sport and art is should be nurtured and nourished, and not strangled in its birthplace.

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