Encouraging Talent And Local Entertainment
Pubs and clubs have always been the nursery ground for up and coming talent. However, the number of pubs and clubs are shrinking dramatically as more and more fold under the pressure of being squeezed by the Government and the breweries. Couple this with ridiculous entertainment licensing laws and the end result is that there are just not enough venues for up and coming bands to play in. It would be nice, for once, to see the Government do something to help reverse this. Our Government (which ever party it happens to be), have never been known to do much for young people, be it in sport, music, or anything else constructive. They simply do not encourage the facilities to enable young people to excel. We live in a society that badly needs more outlets for young people to get creatively and socially involved in things, and when they don't, they often get into trouble and cause problems for the rest of us. It therefore makes sense, and is in everybody's best interest, to try and get young people into creative activities wherever possible and give them a goal in life. This is to say nothing of the older musicians, who are out there looking for work and a place to perform! Or the fact that is is simply nice for people of all ages, to be able to go to a local pub, close to home, and see a decent band!

Entertainment Licensing Laws
For many years now, our poorly thought out, small venue entertainment licensing laws, have caused many problems for musicians, landlords and the general public, depriving people of opportunity and experience. Read about the problems as many people see them and the reasons why many feel that this archaic and inappropriate law should be scrapped altogether.

Licensing Laws Must Be Scrapped
The general feeling of many people and perhaps the fair, and common sense, viewpoint is that we don't actually need all of the licensing restrictions that are an opportunity and an excuse for the authorities to squeeze more money out of people. It is clear, when you weigh things up, that this law is somewhat non-uniform and nonsensical and simply just gets in the way of people otherwise having a good time.