Managing our energy needs and the needs of each individual without significantly damaging our planet or amassing significant amounts of poisonous waste should be a priority, as without energy we cannot properly function. However, the petty minded controlling factions in this world have previously been more interested in investing in ways to destroy rather than maintain and manage. Perhaps it is time to shift our emphasis onto something more constructive that will actually benefit us all. We can make improvements and there are better ways, but we must establish the will to work them out! We also need governments to understand that it is unacceptable to allow essential services to be used as an exploitable mechanism to make the rich richer.

What Happened To People Power?
All people need energy, but as usual, not to miss a trick, the greedy elite in society have seized control of this as well as all the other public assets. Everyone needs access to energy at an affordable price and yet too many people still cannot now afford the energy that is needed to function comfortably on a daily basis. Like many things, this needs to change! The people need the take control of their own power. Then we may be able to sleep at night knowing that all are comfortable and provided for!

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The Price Of Power...???

Small Power Supply Rethink?
Millions of devices up and down country now rely on separate plug in power supplies. Although these do not consume a great deal when the devices they are powering are switched off, because they are a remote supply, unless they are switched off at the wall, they are still consuming energy 24/7. If power supplies are built into the devices, as they used to be, when devices are switched off no power is wasted. Manufacturers can save a few pennies by using remote adapters but because we use so many now, when it is all added up, we are wasting substantial amounts energy. This could saved if power supplies are built into the devices again.

Nuclear Energy = Poison
We should have seen enough by now, but governments are still building them, our own UK government included. Whilst ignorant, morally unsound governments persecute people for 'poisoning themselves' with relatively harmless recreational drugs, they're quite happy to poison our planet and threaten all those around. Related problems to nuclear power, as we know, have damaged many people over the years, and we still have considerable poisonous waste to contend with. There are better ways but the self and vested interest wins the day it seems and the ordinary people get no say. However, this is not our governments' only crime. Due to their obsession with control, their selfish greed and inability to be trusted, they have also chosen to load up our planet, this sanctuary and oasis in the desert of space with enough explosives in the form of nuclear weapons to totally destroy it. This raises two questions... Which is the bigger crime? Where will we all go if we destroy what we have?

A Call for Energy Companies to Lower Prepay Energy Tariffs
It is a sad fact of life that in so many financial areas the people who can least afford it, get penalised the most. Whether it be the banks or the energy companies, the financially kick a man when they are down policy seems to be as rife a ever. Would it really hurt the energy companies that much to bring their prepay tariff prices down in line with their direct-debit prices, bearing in mind that the people who have to opt for the prepay system are the people that find themselves eternally treading water to try and stay afloat in this corrupt and imbalanced society? They are already disadvantaged enough compared to many and a little more compassion from those that can afford it could make a big difference to those that can't. Given the inconvenience of the prepay system, the fact that people can be left stranded completely without power until they can organise a top up, and the fact that it is the most disadvantaged in our society that are forced to adopt this system, the price of prepay energy should arguably be the cheapest on offer and not the most expensive.

Sub Station Security & Power Backup
A letter to EDF Energy Networks regarding observations surrounding the major power cut in the Dartford area on July 20th, 2009.

A Call for Governments to Invest More In Fusion Energy Research
A call for governments to invest more into cracking fusion energy, as opposed to spending money on weapon's development. Many scientists feel that we are only a few years away from cracking and producing fusion energy, which, as far as we can currently see, would completely solve the world's energy problems. It has been said that what we need is simply a Manhattan style project aimed at doing just this. We were able to deliver this drive when it came to the atomic bomb and the power to destroy. Perhaps now is a good time to put the same emphasis on the power to create with an abundance of clean energy. An abundance of clean energy would also mean that people would not have to squabble and fight over control of the world's oil resources. That would be a breath of fresh air in itself!