Most adults don't have to do it! Why should children be made to!

Less Than Desirable! It is important that children have a life outside of school and can enjoy being children. It is proven that homework is not necessary as long as the school working day is productive and it is less than desirable for anyone to have to come home and start work again. It is also a fact that homework causes significant problems, adding to stress and tension within the family unit. It is something we could ALL do without!

Last Minute Panic! Nobody likes to have to take work home from the office and perhaps this should especially not be inflicted on our children. After all, they are still children and should be allowed the time to be so. It is also often a pain for parents trying to make sure that their kids have done their homework, and can often cause tension within the family unit, getting in the way, interfering and causing problems with other activities and arrangements. This can often lead to a last minute panic because something hasn't been done when it should have been. This is not good for the family and is not going to get the best result from the child either!

Healthy Upbringing! If we want more productivity from our children as they get older, let them stay at school a little bit longer on the day. This would get them more used to the working life regime and timetable. But let's also consider that life is not just about trying to become a mathematical genius or physicist, it is also about having a life as well and leaving room for recreational activities and fun, which are also vitally important to a child's healthy upbringing.

Draw A Line! Confining school work to school hours draws a clear line under when children leave the working environment and join the social environment of home and family, just as for the rest of us. After all, they can still do some chores around the house, again, just like the rest of us. This in itself is an education to many children.