Religious Schools

Religious belief and indoctrination should not be lumped in with the education of basic life management skills.
It should be removed from schools and regarded as a completely separate entity.

It is a sad fact of life that religion has caused an abundance of serious problems on this planet. It divides humanity right across society and right across the globe. It incites and stirs up rivalry, at times bordering on hatred. I think it fair to say that, on the whole, when it comes to religion, up until now, mankind has completely missed the point.

Human beings are generally born the same. It is not until they are loaded with sofware in the form of life experience, that is educated and indoctrinated, that they will turn out to be what they will be. If religion was true, accurate and uniform, it would be different, but it is not. It fabricates differences where there should be none.

It is unhealthy for people to become polarised and be led to believe they are different when in fact they are just the same, apart from the nonsense they have been fed. For this reason alone religion should not be forced upon young children just because they attend a particular school.

A non-biassed, unpolarised education should be about teaching the things that affect and benefit every human being, regardless of who they are or where they come from. This should not be conditionally tied to any faith or any religion and equally, entry to any particular school should not be dependent on an unsubstantiated belief.

Normal law abiding decent people should also not have to lie and pretend they are something they are not in order to get their children into a local school.

Religion as we currently know it is a sad relic from a dark age. It has had its time and done significant damage in that time. Religion is still causing significant damage and it should not be influencing education in this modern day.

A basic education should encompass many things, some of which it currently doesn't, however, it should not be polarised by religion. Instead we need to supplement education to include moral education, as below.

Moral Education

The introduction of moral education in schools will help children understand the importance of being trustworthy and being able to tell the truth. It will also help children understand the importance of caring, sharing and being considerate, both of others and the world around us.

Learning to be trustworthy and developing appreciation and respect is not the province of religion, it is simply common decency. The introduction of moral education to children at a young age will give them a much better chance of growing into decent trustworthy human beings. It will also help to reduce crime and disorder in society.

Mankind worldwide needs a programming upgrade of his moral framework, teaching the importance of the basic skills of this in schools will definitely help towards this end.