"Human beings are incredible machines, however, everything depends on the quality of the software we are loaded with!"

Education is the key to many things in life. It is crucial to the course of one's life and has an immense bearing on who we become. Education isn't just about learning academic skills, it should also encompass a basic understanding of life skills. Human beings are programmable devices and the quality and scope of that programming is paramount in securing a healthy and productive future.

There is little point in understanding calculus, or any other inappropriate skill, which most will never use, when you don't know how to cook a decent healthy meal and look after yourself. Or if you don't know how to conduct yourself as a decent human being, or if through ignorance and lack of knowledge you succumb to other pitfalls in life, such as drugs, and yes, alcohol is also a drug.

The basics of learning to read, write and add up are an essential part of everyday life, however, some other things that are equally essential are currently overlooked in favour of things that people will never use. We must put emphasis on teaching basic life skills and an understanding of human decency, a lack of which does not help the individual or society as a whole.

Eduation and upbringing show us that the wildest of animals can be turned into a most adorable and loving pet. Conversely, the most adorable and loving baby can be turned into the wildest of animals. It is up to us!

School Placement
A campaign to highlight the need for local schools for local children. In too many instances children are being told they cannot get a local school place because the local schools are full of children travelling in from other areas. This situation is not only unfair on the local children, who are often deprived of continuing schooling with the friends they have grown up with and told they have to travel miles to an out of area school, it is also compounding traffic congestion problems with many children migrating from one area to another during rush hour times.

School Bullying
A call for schools and teachers to do more to stamp out school bullying, which is an extremely serious and underrated problem, and which for many years, seems to have been conveniently ignored and swept under the carpet.

Uniformity Of School Holidays?
Would it not be better for schools to fall in line and standardize their holidays so that children are at school, or on school holidays, at the same time regardless of which school they attend. Parents with children at different schools generally do not want to find themselves in the situation where one child is on holiday and the other not, only to find that in the week following the reverse is true. Children who have friends at different school also cannot tie up with their friends in the holidays if they are off school at different times.

Abolish Religious Faith Schools
A call to abolish single faith religious schools, which bring pressure to bear on both parents and children and unfairly allow the indoctrination of children with a biased religious education. Learning to read and write should not be faith conditional and we should not be teaching our children to be disunited and segregated in the name of God. Education should not be mixed and confused with a biased religious belief, and let's be absolutely clear here, it is a belief and not a proven fact! Some elements of which are undeniably wrong, simply because they don’t all agree!

Introduction Of Moral Education
A call to introduce moral education in schools to help children understand the importance of being trustworthy and being able to tell the truth, as well as the importance of caring, sharing and consideration, both of others and the world around us. Appreciation and respect. This is not the province of religion it is simply common decency. The introduction of moral education to children at a young age will give them a much better chance of growing into decent trustworthy human beings. It will also help to reduce crime and disorder in society. Mankind worldwide needs a programming upgrade of his moral framework, teaching the importance of the basic skills of this in schools at an early age will definitely help towards this end.

School Detention
A request for the abolishment of the practice of giving children after school detention unless parents have been given sufficient prior notification and have agreed that it is convenient and also that the school can guarantee the children's safe delivery home afterwards. If these conditions cannot be met, we feel it would be preferable to find alternative ways of administering discipline. The reasons for this are explained in the accompanying letter.

Sex, Drugs, And How To Cook A Meal?
It is important that children are properly educated wherever possible in all things relevant to today's living and lifestyle, especially in areas that concern health, safety and wellbeing. We try and make an effort to make sure they observe the correct protocol when crossing the road and sex education now seems to be an accepted fact of life in itself. However, it is important that children also know one or two other things as well. Drug education is important and so is how to cook a healthy meal. It's amazing how many children grow to become adults and still do not know the facts about drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. It is also amazing how many children grow to become adults and still do not know how to cook a healthy meal.

Corporal Punishment?
Many people now feel that corporal punishment should be reinstated in our schools as a method of dealing with some issues of serious child indiscipline. It is very clear, nowadays, that certain unruly elements in schools take advantage of the fact that they cannot be physically disciplined...

Abolish School Homework?
A suggestion to reduce or abolish school homework in favour of 'independent study' within extended school hours (where necessary), so that when children come home from school they can switch off, relax and enjoy other activities and pastimes...

Education And Social Conditioning
People are conditioned by the experiences they have in life. If a person has the wrong kind of experiences, they will be conditioned to exhibit undesirable tendencies.

School Docking Zones
A suggestion to implement school docking zones to facilitate parents being able to pick up their children without incurring parking problems and parking penalties. A situation that local authorities, rather than put it right and make it easier for parents, have decided to financially exploit instead by fining parents when are trying to pick up or drop off their kids under the inadequate circumstances the local authorities have either created or done nothing about improving. The school logistic nightmare is down to bad management and ineptitude by governments and local authorities. People have to trasvel further now to take children to school and many are crossing over in the mornings, preventing each other from going to school locally by taking up the places. This is causing considerbale additional traffic on the roads. Local authorities do nothing to help any of this with the implementation of idiotic traffic schemes and the like and have simply seen the difficulties parent s and motorists face as a means of making money. Yet another nice little earner for them at the expense of the public exploiting the situation they have created!

Student Finance England Incompetent and Inept
There are so many stories about how Student Finance have let people down through incompetence and ineptitude it is hard to believe. For an official body it is very apparent that they are seriously lacking in many areas and not coping with the demands. They are making far too many mistakes and appear not in the least conscientious - what's more, they don't seem to be at all bothered about any of it. However, their lack of ability to do a good and competent job causes tremendous stress and difficulty for people who want to undertake the university road and therefore have to rely on them, as well as for others that may be caught up on the periphery.

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