We Do Not Want Untreated Sewage In Our Rivers

Privatisation is a con perpetrated by a devious prime minister and the men behind her, and perpetuated by those that continue to walk in their shadow. It means investment isn't forthcoming when it needs to be and profits are put before quality of service. Of course, it also costs the ordinary people more for a service that is generally less.

A typical example of this kind of thing is the poor service we experience on some of our railways at times, which inconveniences many people, costing both time and money, however, our water companies are also up to no good as they are still allowing raw sewage to be discharged into our river systems, killing the ecosystem and the fish

It is important that we start to undertand what we should be doing, and what we should not be doing, with regard to managing ourselves and our planet. When some people think money for their own personal piggy banks is more important than our planetary health and our welfare, we are all in trouble.

It is fair to say that some countries have it lot worse than the UK and the state of their rivers is disgusting in places, however, we like to think that in the UK we're a bit more advanced and forward thinking country, so perhaps we should be setting a better example, and get our own house in order.