The sensible management of the ecology of our planet and its resources is something the powers-that-be appear to struggle to grasp the importance of, as they waste colossal amounts of money on weapons, weapons' development and war. It is about time that we all gave a little more thought to the real enemy. Those problems and challenges which are common to us all and which we all face, regardless of who we are or where we come from, and which unite us all as humanity on Earth!

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The Real Enemy - Misplaced Emphasis - Avoiding The Iceberg (Parts 1 - 4).

Wild Open Space
A call for politicians and local authorities to realise that we need our greens in order to be healthy. More wild open space and less desecration of the last remaining green areas that people in the towns and cities have left. Spread people out a bit rather than cramming them all into confined spaces and intermingle communities with areas of wild open space. We should not treat people like battery hens, and if we insist on doing so, we should not be surprised if we fail to get the best out of them.

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The Simple Principles Of Beans And Greens

Raw Sewage In Our Rivers
Rivers are important, but apparently not as important as profits for shareholders, as privatised water companies, such as Thames Water, continue to short change the people, the planet and the evironment by continuing to pump untreated sewage into our rivers...

Ocean Plastic Pollution!
The use of unnecessary plastics in everyday items and cosmetics is destroying our oceans and killing our wildlife. Every year 8 million tons of plastic gets dumped in the world's oceans and seas and will take hundreds of years to breakdown. Add to this millions of tons of general rubbish and other debris, anything from car tyres to push chairs to lost commercial fishing nets and other equipment and one can see it is an enormous problem. Only 15% of the rubbish in our seas and oceans ever finds its way back to the shore and the rest permanently inhabits our marine environment, killing marine creatures such as dolphins, whales, turtles, crustaceans and fish. Thousands of tons of micro beads, present in facial washes and other cosmetic products, are also entering our oceans every year, as they are washed down the drain. All Governments and manufacturers should urgently be doing more to combat this problem! Is it not possible to substitute very fine sand instead, or something that is at least biodegradable? (Info Countryfile August 2016)

Ocean Restocking
A request for governments to put more effort into restocking our oceans of depleted fish types. The oceans are a magnificent natural larder. Perhaps we just need to think in terms of putting something back to replace what we take from it?

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Sea Creatures Fall By Half

Square Mesh Nets
A call for fishing fleets to use square mesh nets instead of diamond mesh. The square mesh enables small fish to escape and live another day, whereas otherwise, they just go to waste, compounding the depletion of our natural oceanic fish.

An End To Wasted Fish
Isn't about time that someone rearranged the fish quota system so that fisherman didn't need to discard dead fish back into the ocean because they have caught over their quota. What a waste! The fish have already been caught, they're already dead, so what's the point of forcing fishermen to waste them and throw them back in to the sea. It's criminal and should not be allowed!

Global Ban On Shark's Fin Soup
Sharks can't help behaving like sharks, but what is our excuse...?

Atmospheric Modelling
A call for an investigation into the viability of generating ozone, if needed, and the reduction of carbon-dioxide, or whatever else is necessary to start helping to reverse the accumulating problems of global warming, the resulting climatic changes, and possible associated dangers.

Alternatives To Oil
A call to put much more emphasis on finding alternatives to oil and oil based systems. Oil is a very useful commodity, however, it is also very dirty, a major cause of war, exploitation, pollution and global-warming. All of which can be avoided if we can develop the necessary alternatives. Sounds like a good enough reason for governments to be putting some serious emphasis on doing just that. However, as usual when it really matters, they seem to be a bit slow off the mark and just a few years behind! Sorry, did I say a few years, more like a few decades! Come on guys! Pull those fingers out! You seem to have plenty of money to invest in finding ways of destroying ourselves. What about finding ways to survive and prosper? Do our governments exist to engineer our destruction or our survival, and what is more important? Now there's a good question!