Who Is Qualified To Judge?

Show Me Your Credentials! When people express potent views and profess to know about issues such as drugs, I like to ask them to show me their credentials. The world is full of people who have opinions about things they have not experienced. Some are stupid, bigoted and up their own backsides. Some have ego problems and think they have to have an opinion on everything, even if it's a wrong one. Some have genuine faith in what they have been told. Whatever the case, people can sometimes be led by the nose into horrendous situations, even world wars and genocide, because they are told what to do by people who don't actually know best on behalf of all.

Over The Top! This is an example from an article published in a local newspaper about a young couple that had been prosecuted for growing cannabis. Something they actually believed in. When caught the law didn't just beat them with a big stick, it used a tree trunk. The man, who was 29, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, and his girlfriend to eighty hours' community rehabilitation. They were also ordered to handover nearly £43,000, presumably the proceeds of their crime. In the same article, and presumably in justification of the severity of the sentence, a Superintendent from the local police department said, "Drug dealing fuels crime." This is a classic text book parrot like phrase that all people are fed at some point.

Mixed Up Facts! However, someone in such a responsible position, should really be aware of the truth and shouldn't be coming out with such generalised nonsense. In his position he should actually know the facts and the facts are that cannabis dealing does not fuel crime. If anything, cannabis dealing fuels peace and goodwill. Although the law has caused additional problems through the enforced unavailability of natural cannabis, cannabis does not fuel crime in anyway. If, however, the Superintendent would like an example of a type of drug dealing that truly does fuel crime and causes significant problems for people, perhaps he would like to walk down the road to his local off-licence or pub.

Blind Lead Blind! Society is peppered with people in positions of responsibility who have no real understanding about issues they have control over. Just as with religion, they reel off parrot like phrases, because it's what they have been told and led to believe. They haven't actually been there and experienced it for themselves and made up their own minds. Consequently they are not qualified to judge.

Know The Facts! If you are going to preach to others, you should make sure you know the facts and that you are conveying the truth, otherwise you will cause problems. In fact you become a part of the problem. The bigger the position you are in, the bigger the problem you become and the bigger the problem you are causing.

What Is The Crime? If you are going to sit in judgement of others, especially to the point where you administer punishment and cause suffering, you had better be sure that those on the receiving end deserve it and that you've got it right. Otherwise you become the criminal and you are one who is committing the crime. You do not have the right, enshrined in man's law or otherwise, to punish people simply for being different, having a different belief, or a different lifestyle choice. That is persecution and persecution is a crime!

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