It's Not Only Muppets That Like To Enjoy Social Drug Taking!

The Real Criminal: Many people like to enjoy social drug taking of certain products other than tobacco and alcohol. In the eyes of the state, these normally respectable, law-abiding people are currently deemed criminals. However, due to lacking understanding and moral understanding, it is currently the state that is the real criminal.

No Man Has The Right: This is because no man has the right to take away the God-given right of freewill from another individual, or to interfere with another individual, unless they are harming someone else against their will, in which case society has a duty to step in to protect the victim. If this is not the case and there is no victim in the equation consenting adults must be allowed to be able to exercise their freedom of choice without the fear of being persecuted by the state. This is every person's right and is as God intended!

Hypocrisy: In this type of instance people are harming no others in the pursuit of what they want to do and they do not appreciate being interfered with by people who hold different opinions and yet who should be minding their own business. Many people have been and are being bullied, harrassed and persecuted for choosing to use substances currently deemed 'illegal' that are in fact less harmful and problematic than those currently sanctioned by the state.

Fairness To All People: It would be nice to see a situation that is fair to all people. This primarily has to take into account a person's individual right to choose for them self in matters that only affect the individual. In other words, a person should not be forced to do something against their will and they should not be persecuted for doing something they want to do either, as long as it is not harming anyone else in the process.

Society's Responsibility: Although it took us a very long time to address this issue when it came to smoking in confined public places and for many years non-smokers were forced to put up with being poisoned against their will. If harm is being inflicted on other people in the process of a person's drug enjoyment, then society has a responsibility to step in. However, the correct moral and spiritual ethos dictates that this is where society's responsibility and interference should end!