Hard Drug Quality Control And Availability

For people who unfortunately become addicted to hard drugs, there are some very good arguments in favour of simply giving them what they need, whilst maintaining a legitimate qualitative control....

Drug Availability: When people are unfortunate enough to become addicted to a drug such as heroin, the ill-affordability and unreliable availability of the drug causes many problems. If addicts have no other way of getting what they need, the anguish and discomfort they suffer as a result of becoming addicted can easily force them into crime or prostitution. It is a battle of the desire to feed their addiction against the consequences of the craving. If you are an addict, getting what you need becomes the sole most important thing in the world and is the only thing on your mind. As with quitting cigarettes, it is a battle that most people do manage to win sooner or later. However, in the meantime, it is a battle that often becomes the cause of problems to others as addicts resort to desperate measures to get their fix.

Quality Control: Nobody needs to die from taking drugs of any sort and the fact that people do is often down to them having to get their drug from an unregulated source. This can mean drug inconsistency and possible contamination. Crucial factors, especially for an intravenous drug such as heroin. If addicts could obtain properly regulated substances legitimately they wouldn't run the risk of becoming another such fatality. When you get legitimate drugs from the chemist, the drugs are quality controlled to the highest standards, also, accompanying the drugs is a comprehensive leaflet explaining what the drug does, appropriate doses, how to take it, possible side-effects and adverse reactions. None of this responsible approach is administered in the illegal drug world, people are left to scratch about and learn the hard way, usually without knowing what they are getting into and being guided by idiots and unscrupulous people. This causes many of the problems associated with illegal drug use and the lesson, for some, can be terminal.

Drug Addiction Is An Illness! The current drug situation is responsible for many problems and drives people to desperate measures. Such consequences mean that innocent people inevitably become victims of burglary and other crimes. Addicts even steal from their own friends and families. Obviously all of these experiences are not nice for anyone. Nobody wants to see anyone get addicted to red category drugs such as heroin and crack-cocaine, however, if people do, they need help and they need their drug, one way or the other. Serious drug addiction is an illness resulting from a chemical imbalance in the body. It may have been self-perpetuated, however, people once in this situation need to be treated as anyone else with such an illness would be treated, and they should not have to steal or prostitute themselves to get the necessary drugs.

Compassion And Understanding: It is true to say that we would all rather people didn't get into such drugs in the first place and much more effort has to be made in many areas to make sure that this is the case. However, once people are already caught up in it, it would surely be much better for them if they didn't have to suffer the symptoms, or cause anyone else to have to suffer, by making them the victim of desperate criminal acts in their attempts to appease the symptoms. It would also surely be better if they were given a good clean properly regulated drug. Giving addicts what they need is a damage limitation exercise that benefits everyone, and by comparison, there don't seem to be any negatives in doing so. Where is our compassion and understanding?

A Much Better Arrangement! Although heroin is a tragic drug, it is a known fact that addicts can function relatively normally in society, sustaining a habit for many years, without the normal kind of associated devastation, as long as they are given good clean regulated gear. Such an arrangement also gives society a chance to help addicts break free from their addiction, something that can only be achieved if one has the will and support. But, if they can't break free, or in the meantime, at least they wont die through taking contaminated, unregulated, drugs and they won't be forced to steal from others, or get into prostitution, to finance their needs.

No More Casualties! Simply giving addicts what they need will also help to eradicate the illegal and unregulated hard drug's black market, the most significant factor as to why people get drawn into the hard drugs' trap in the first place. If there is no market and therefore no profit to be made, criminals will not bother and new casualties will be spared.

Hard Drug Associated Problems That Could Be Completely Eradicated With A Change Of Policy

People steal to acquire their fix
Solution? Give people what they need

People prostitute themselves to acquire their fix
Solution? Give people what they need

People die through taking unregulated substances
Solution? Give people good clean quality controlled gear

People get sucked into the heroin trap largely because of the illegal market
Solution? Give people good clean quality controlled gear and wipe out the illegal market

Some people are encouraged to deal to finance their own habit
Solution? Give people what they need and wipe out the illegal market demand

Organised Crime
Organise gangs are encouraged to deal in heroin because they have a market demand
Solution? Give addicts what they need and wipe out the illegal market demand