Mr Cameron - No Answer!

Know Your Business: Ignorance and error cause misery and cost money. The higher up you are, the worse the outcome can be. If you are going to put yourself forward to run a country, you should make it your business to know what you're on about. That is have a good understanding and be morally sound, especially if you think that behaving in a dictatorial fashion is the way to be, a questionable view in itself!

Achieving Change: People may get the impression that I'm not overly impressed with our current political system, and if anyone does get that impression, they'd be absolutely right. It is archaic, grossly inadequate and not to put too finer point on it, it sucks. I know it's better than some countries, but I have to say it's a long way short of where it could be. Despite what our politicians like us to believe, we patently do not live in a democracy and, come to that, it is not even a pale imitation. The trouble with living in a dictatorship is that one man (or woman) can screw it up for everybody without giving any consideration to anyone else. Especially if they do not know what they are doing or do not care! That happens quite a lot in this world, from the completely blatant, such as Adolf Hitler taking the world to war and to ruin, to those more insidious, such as Margaret Thatcher, selling off everything that once belonged to the people of this once great nation to benefit the rich. Thereby badly letting down the ordinary people that put their trust in her. We all pay the price for our dictatorial leaders' mental and moral difficiences!

Preventing Change: It should never be the case that one person can force undesirable change, or in fact prevent change when it is in the public interest and the right thing to do. Many people who know the facts, including top policeman, drug charity workers, some politicians, and people with personal experience, know that the existing controlled substance regime does not work, it has not worked and it will not work. It is fatally flawed because it is based on tyranny, imposition and ignorance. Of late, we have seen renewed calls to change the way we deal with controlled substances from many high profile people. Many people were calling for this a long time ago, but even people with less credentials are now beginning to realise that previous ways have not worked. However, our current prime minister, Mr Cameron, in response to the recent calls says, "There will be no change!" Is Mr Cameron just another arrogant and ignorant politician who thinks he knows better than all the experts, charity workers and those with personal experience alike?

Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Let's look at what we're talking about here. Society's lack of understanding and lack of respect at the top level regarding this issue, and the resultant mismanagement, costs the tax-payer multiple billions of pounds every year in wasted law system resources. It drags thousands of innocent victims into the equation every year through unnecessary drug related crime. It causes psychological problems for young cannabis smokers who can only get skunk. It causes death and other problems for young people who try to stay within the law by using the awful so-called legal highs. The current regime also causes death from the lack of quality control and consistency with regular drugs such as heroin and ecstasy. It causes young people to be drawn into the miserable world of prostitution and crime to try and appease their illness. It causes pain and misery for all those friends and family members affected by such tragedies. It causes bad feeling and resentment when decent otherwise law-abiding consenting adults get persecuted by the law for things no worse than alcohol or tobacco. It facilitates funding for organised crime and terrorism. It causes the death of young people through drug related gang rivalry and violence, especially in the Americas. It causes confusion though lack of clarity, lack of education and lack of distinction. It takes away a person's fundamental right, their freedom of choice, a God-given entitlement of all men. But don't worry Mr Cameron, you're not the only one that thinks all this is acceptable.

The Big IF! All of the above could be eradicated or reduced to a minimum IF we did the right thing by people. We could even help to save this country from its current financial difficulties and help towards paying off our national debt. We could buy back some what our politicians have sold off over the years. At the moment waste something like ten billion pounds or so a year on police, judicial and prison system resources, chasing our tail, persecuting people who don't want to be persecuted, trying to stop the unstoppable and mopping up the mess from addicts committing petty crime to appease their illness. That is a lot of money spent achieving absolutely nothing except the many negative factors we have observed above. However, IF we were to properly manage the situation and make use of it, it is not only the ten billion pounds wasted on futile law enforcement we could save. IF we were to capitalize and properly control and regulate, as we do with alcohol and tobacco, we would eradicate all the negative problems, the crime and the unnecessary fatalities, and on top of that annual saving for the taxpayer we could add another ten billion pounds, maybe significantly more, in profit from the sale of certain drugs. That is a net gain of twenty billion pounds, or more, a year.

The Right Thing! The global illegal drugs' industry is estimated to earn 300 billion dollars a year for organised crime. Yes, there is a demand. No, that is not going to change! Wising up to this fact and doing it properly has massive positive implications for the whole planet and will make life on Earth more just and more secure for all people. All of this is on offer to us if we just do the right thing by people and respect that which God gave unto mankind! His freewill and his right to experience that which is God-given.

Potential Benefits! Dealing with this issue would solve many problems and have very significant financial benefits also. It would eradicate drug related death such as death from gang violence and death from contaminated, unreliable and inconsistent product. Eradicate organised crime and terrorist funding through the trafficking and marketing of drugs. Eradicate drug related crime such as shoplifting and petty theft. Save drug victims from enforced prostitution. Save 10 billion pounds a year in wasted police resources. Make a further 10 billion pounds a year in additional duty and tax revenue. Thereby give the exchequer a 20 billion pound financial boost and annual injection in the economy. Now, that has also got to be worth something surely!