Have No Regrets! Many people that like to enjoy certain currently illegal drugs, have made their own minds up that they like what they experience at such times and want the privilege of being able to indulge in such pastimes as and when they feel it is appropriate. They are not doing harm to anyone else and in this somewhat screwed up world, it is completely hypocritical for the law to penalize them if they happen to be caught whilst indulging in the pastime of their choice. We are not talking about smack, crack, or crystal meth here, I think most people would agree that these drugs are in a very different category and, just as with tobacco, best avoided altogether. That is, don't go there in the first place. You might think it's ok at the time, but, these particular drugs are so addictive and life-degrading, you soon wish you hadn't started and could just give it up. Although, once you have started, easy it is not! If you really want to experience and know what it is like to fight a serious addiction, then smoking is the least life-degrading option. That's if you do!

Basic Awareness - Basic Precautions: There are always consequences to taking any drug, however, some types of recreational drug can be enjoyed on a sensible basis, without incurring great harm. Cannabis, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy, all fall into this category, and as when crossing the road, if one is sensible, these particular drugs can be enjoyable and interesting, without causing great harm. As when crossing the road, be aware, and you will come to no harm. People prove this through personal experience all the time. Of course, you can over indulge in anything if you want to, and just as with alcohol, and even chocolate, over indulging can lead to problems. However, the majority of people can, and do, enjoy such social activities without falling into that trap.

Good Fun And Educational! It is a fact of life that certain drugs can give you insight and experience such as you would never get in your normal mode of being. Many different cultures across the globe have recognized this throughout the ages and have their own interpretations of such, which have often been a part of their culture for centuries. Such drug induced 'altered states' can be very mild and simply just for fun, or, as with LSD for example, they can be more profound and highly educational, giving a person an insight into some of the more meaningful mechanics and principles underlying our existence. Unlike alcohol, these particular drugs do not induce violence either. If anything, just the opposite and the world could certainly do with more of that.

No Personal Experience - No Judge! There are a great number of ignorant people in this world and they cause a lot of problems. There are also a great number of people who pass judgement and yet are not really qualified to judge. The simplest thing, if you want to be sure, is to keep your nose out of issues that are pertinent to an individual if they are doing no harm to anyone else. If they are doing no harm to anyone else there is no need to stick your nose in. Given that they would much rather you didn't. This should include the law keepers of our society, who are entrenched in the very kind of opinionated ignorance we are talking about. Very few people in such positions have personal experience enough to judge accurately and mostly people go by what they are told. We can all recognize the folly of this type of behaviour as it is the same kind of behaviour that led to the last world war and the same kind of behaviour that leads to the suicide bombings that blight our global civilization today. Don't believe everything you are told, because sometimes it is simply wrong! Respect a person's right to choose for them self. Above all else, this is important.

Conclusion? People who like to participate in such currently illegal drugs know the consequences of their actions and they know what will happen if they get caught. It is a sad fact that, if people are unlucky enough to get caught, they can still get twenty lashes from a state that fails to respect the fundamental right of a person to choose for them self. However, even so, people still conclude that it is worth it to them. Such social pastimes may or may not be something they participate in all their life. But that is their choice, or at least it should be!