Free Foreign National Women

Should we not release foreign national women from our jails, do them and their children a favour
by reuniting them in their homelands and save ourselves some money at the same time?

Desperate Measures: Many foreign national women are serving sentences in our prisons for smuggling small amounts of cocaine or similar. However, the fact is, they should not be there and it would be better if they were sent home. We do not need them in our prisons, which are already overflowing and they are an additional burden, costing the taxpayer money that can be ill afforded. The women in prison should not be separated and estranged from their children and their children should not be deprived of their mothers. Many of these women are in prison because they were desperate to begin with and have been paid to smuggle small amounts of cocaine or similar. However, as they have come from situations of hardship and desperation perhaps they should not be penalised further, but should be sent back to their native homelands to be where they belong with their children. If they are locked up their children are also made to suffer by being deprived of their mothers for what is a relatively trivial act. If you think that this is a serious crime and needs to be punished in such a fashion, let's just examine a few facts.

Western Hypocrisy: In the west, we make and sell weapons, which maim and kill innocent people all over the world. It is hypocritical to lock people up for supplying drugs to consenting adults when they are harming no others, when we are manufacturing and selling weapons, which can, and do, cause death and injury to innocent people, women and children included. We can hardly justify this behaviour on the one hand and then lock people up for taking, or supplying drugs to free thinking, consenting adults who are doing no one else any harm, on the other. It appears to have escaped society's attention so far that some people do like to take drugs to 'party' and choose to do so of their own freewill. Not all substance-taking is bad, and as with alcohol, it depends what it is, how much, and how often. In fact, surprisingly some people find the activity stimulating, interesting, invigorating, educational and good fun. These are all positive words and a far cry from the archetypal and sordid picture that is often plastered across the media. If people are harming no others in the process, there should be no problem. The fact that there is, just goes to show that where drugs are concerned, without doubt, we need to develop more understanding!