Drug Slave

If you do not want to become a drug slave, fighting an endless battle to try and go without, or to obtain the means to satisfy your craving, do not meddle with the types of drug that inflict this on a person. That is, DO NOT GO THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! It is that simple!

Information Is There: The various effects of all the different available drugs are well known and well documented now. Much of this information has been gleaned at the serious expense of many people, both users and immediate friends and family. The information is there in the public domain, although it still may be rather shrouded in society's cloud of ignorance as far as 'drugs' are concerned. However, if you speak to people who have had personal experience, or research the information on the internet, it is all there!

Be Warned And Be Wise! Even though society's efforts are painfully inadequate when it comes to acknowledging the real truth where 'drugs' are concerned, there is absolutely no need for anyone else in our society to become a victim or a drug slave. If you want to explore certain drugs, read the facts first. Take heed from other people's painful and life damaging experiences, avoid the bad ones and find your pleasure in the less harmful products. Dodge the dangers. Be warned and be wise.

Drugs such as the following should be avoided at all costs if you don't want to become a drug slave....

  • Crack (Crack Cocaine)
  • Smack (Heroin)
  • Crystal Meth (Meth Amphetamine)
  • Tobacco (Nicotine)

No Walking Away! Don't do it in the first place, and it won't be a problem. Don't think you can just try it once or twice and walk away, because some drugs are simply so addictive, that that's generally all it takes to get you hooked. By this time you may not be walking anywhere except back to get some more. Don't be pushed into something either, if someone else is doing it, they may try and get you to do it. Don't! Because once you cross the threshold you sign your life away to a constant battle with the drug and the means of obtaining it. You are now a drug slave and your whole life will be centred around, and geared up to, satisfying your craving.

Severe Withdrawal! If you try and go without, you will incur withdrawal symptoms. That is varying degrees of severe discomfort and bodily malfunctions in one form or another. The alternative is to keep feeding your habit and to keep finding the means to afford to. If that is what you want for your life, go ahead. If it is not, steer well clear! Tobacco is the least problematic of the above, and yet even so, it can be so difficult for some people to give up that, even after they have had serious heart attacks and heart bypass operations as a result, they still carrying on smoking, because they find it so hard not to.

General Guide! If you want to be safeguarded from serious addiction, do not touch the above listed drugs, and do not smoke anything other than cannabis - without tobacco. If you smoke traditional joints with tobacco, you will get addicted to the tobacco and become a cigarette smoker; something best avoided. Any form of smoking is not good for your lungs and smoking tobacco seriously compounds such problems, because it is so addictive and hard to give up. If you should want to smoke cannabis, you can try hash or resin (if you can get it) or skunk in a small pipe, roll joints with herbal tobacco, or better still use a vaporizer and avoid inhaling any form of smoke. Nowadays there are a whole host to choose from, so there is no need to actually smoke at all!