Drug Habit

Dictionary definitions of the word habit....

A settled disposition or tendency to act in a certain way, esp. one acquired by frequent repetition of the same act until it is almost involuntary; a customary practice or way of acting; a characteristic action or mode of behaviour of an animal.

A craving for, or dependency on, an addictive drug or drugs; the practice of taking such a drug or drugs.

Normal Repetitive Behaviour: A habit is something that is recurring in our behavioural pattern. This recurring behaviour may be simply because it is something we like to do, and is therefore driven by our seeking of enjoyment, such as going to football matches or watching a favourite soap. In this instance of normal repetitive behaviour you invoke a feel good stimulus from something you simply enjoy doing. It gives you a lift and makes you feel good and you experience enjoyment and other positive well-being emotions.

Addiction Motivated Repetitive Behaviour: A habit can also be a recurring behavioural pattern driven by a severe addiction and the need to feed and appease that addiction. In this instance, what started out as an experimental dabble in trying a drug such as tobacco, heroin, or crack, has now become a necessary routine or habit, essential in order to avert the pangs of withdrawal. The presence of the drug in your system has now become an essential part of the body's chemistry in order to maintain a comfortable balance and not feel below par. In other words, you don't just take the drug to get a buzz anymore, you have to take it just to feel ok. The normal and reliable chemical balance in your body has been upset and 'broken' by the introduction of an alien substance. If you don't get your 'fix', you feel bad and become subject to all sorts of physical and psychological problems. You are now on the road to serious trauma in one form or another!

The Fix: Fix, yes, an interesting word, but that's exactly how it is. You have inherited a serious body chemistry problem as a result of getting into such a seriously addictive drug. This inherited problem now causes all sorts of bad feelings in the form of withdrawal symptoms if your body becomes devoid of the drug. The withdrawal symptoms are not nice at best, and horrendous at worst, and the 'problem' can only be 'fixed' by imbibing more of the substance that the body has so come to rely on. You now need the drug to get you back to some kind of normality, or to 'fix' the problem. The alternative withdrawal, often referred to as 'cold turkey', is a severe endurance test and can last many days, sometimes weeks, before the body readjusts and many people simply find it too difficult to endure. It is often so much easier just to give in and take more of the drug. Many a smoker or serious drinker will tell you that as well as those that have had the misfortune to have become addicted to drugs such as smack, crack or crystal meth.

Habits Can Be Broken: There is no habit that cannot be broken and countless people have been addicted to all of the different sorts of drugs listed and managed to give them up. It can be done! However, many people find it so hard that they never manage to do it, or at least, until it becomes too late. This is especially true of the red category and these drugs should be completely avoided. People do manage to get off of them, however, as with serious alcoholism, it is extremely hard and can often leave life-long scars.

Craving And Desperate Measures: Cravings can be very mild at one end of the spectrum, from feeling like, "I really fancy some chocolate". "I'm gasping for a cup of tea", or, "I could murder a beer", to being driven and prepared to prostitute oneself to find the means to satisfy one's craving for drugs such as crack and heroin. For smokers trying to give up, it might be as simple as scrounging a cigarette from someone, or going through the ashtrays, looking for a dog end with a couple of puffs left on it. If you're addicted to any of the other three in the red category, it's a very different problem altogether. When your need is that great, you will resort to very desperate measures to obtain your fix. Such measures do inevitably lead addicts into stealing from shops, other people, and even friends and family, and of course, prostitution. Any such measures bring their own repercussions, fracturing relationships and putting immense strain on people close to you and often resulting in criminal prosecution. Some people even rely on getting locked up to get off the drug. It's the only resort left to them. With drugs such as heroin, crack and crystal meth, nobody really wants to go there, and the fact that people do, is simply because they don't realize what they are getting into, that is, not before it's too late!

Cannabis (Hash, Resin, Grass) Alcohol (Beer, wines & spirits, etc) Nicotine (Tobacco)
MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine (Ecstasy) Cocaine (Coke) Heroin (Smack)
LSD (Acid) Amphetamine (Speed) Crack Cocaine (Crack)
Opium Meth Amphetamine (Crystal Meth)

Drugs in this category are fairly innocuous unless seriously abused but some can be socially and psychologically habit forming, resulting in regular use. Can cause psychological problems for some people if abused.
Drugs in this category can again be socially and psychologically habit forming, and with regular use, or if seriously abused, can result in a serious addiction and serious physical damage.
Drugs in this category should be avoided altogether. Serious physical and psychological dependence can be incurred within the first few tries. Nicotine is about the least life damaging and degrading of these four drugs, however, nicotine is still extremely addictive and can be very hard to give up, especially if you become a serious long-term smoker. Don't even consider the other three, because they are highly addictive, highly damaging and will screw your life up big time! Ask anyone who's been there!

What is meant by abuse? The term abuse in the above simply means over doing it! Doing too much, or doing too often! You can abuse anything in life. Eat too much chocolate and you'll get fat. There's always a price to pay for doing too much, or doing too often, whatever it is! If you want to try any of the yellow and orange categories, be sensible, don't over do it, and check it out first!

Know Your Stuff! No drugs should be taken without knowing what you are getting into. If you feel you want to try experimenting with certain drugs, read up on it first. There is plenty of information about. Don't go near anything in the red category, or you'll seriously regret it! And so will the people close to you! All red category drugs cause very serious problems, even smoking tobacco, which is the least problematic, however, it is still one of the most addictive drugs known to man and still (probably due to the number of people that smoke) the number one killer out of all drugs. Be sensible and don't get a serious habit. If anything, you use drugs, by all means, but don't let drugs use you! If it is red flagged, don't do it! And if it's anything else, don't over do it!