Alcohol vs. Natural Cannabis - Which is the Demon Drug?

If you came here from another planet, not knowing the situation, and were asked to pick which one of these two drugs was illegal, you would pick alcohol every time. There is simply no contest!

All drugs, legal or illegal, have positives and negatives. Good and bad points. Effects and side-effects. With some drugs the negative points far outweigh any benefits or positive points and so they should be avoided. Although many of us like a social drink, and drink is fine up to a point, when it comes to alcohol and natural cannabis, which would we consider to be the more demon drug?

Incites violence and domestic violence Incites calmness, peace and tranquillity
Provokes inconsideration and thoughtlessness Provokes consideration and thoughtfulness
Causes people to get rowdy and behave like morons Causes people to lay back and take it easy
Causes death through overdosing and alcoholic poisoning Cannot cause death through overdosing
Causes 10,000 UK deaths a year through alcohol related disease Does not cause any death through disease
Costs the NHS billions of pounds a year in alcohol related violence Does not cause any kind of violence
Costs the NHS billions of pounds annually in alcohol related disease Does not cause that kind of problem
Costs the police billions of pounds annually in alcohol related trouble Does not cause trouble for the police

The above table indicates that we have made a considerable error of judgement. As a result we have perpetrated serious miscarriages of justice over the years. We have been guilty of profound hypocrisy and have wrongly persecuted many of our own citizens. We have encouraged generations to think that alcohol, with all of its negative factors, is the only social option, even though many people have worked out for themselves that it is not. However, society itself has yet to learn and acknowledge that lesson and the law has yet to win back respect.