Drug Education

"The following pages are not advocating that people should use drugs of any sort. However, if people, as adults, should decide it is their choice to do so, they should be free to do so without risk of persecution by the state. These pages advocate that education is paramount and it is the understanding of these pages that any person given the appropriate education and understanding would not choose to participate of certain drugs to begin with. These pages also believe that other, currently illegal drugs, are not as insidious or as dangerous as the two currently legitimised by our society. They also believe that society's current understanding and policies on drugs have been responsible for many of the problems caused by drugs, most of which could have been avoided."


People who think they know better on behalf of others in this world cause massive problems, especially when they don't know anything about what they think they know about. We must believe in the values of truth, education and freewill. Ignorance is not an answer and prohibition does not work! People do not like being told what to do, especially when it is wrong. They like to make up their own decisions and make up their own minds. This is the birth right of every individual and should not be taken away by anyone, regardless of who they think they are!

The Story So Far

God-given Right: Since the seventies, the war on drugs has cost the American taxpayer alone some two-trillion dollars, whilst revenue from the sale of illegal drugs, in excess of three-hundred billion dollars a year, goes to organised crime, and not to the governments or to people in need. At the same time societies continue to interfere with a person's fundamental and God-given right to choose for them self, persecuting people, just as the Nazis did.

People Still Do: Around the globe, hundreds of people are killed every week, including police, soldiers and teenagers, not from the drugs themselves, but from the war that surrounds the current situation. Drug awareness and education should by now be such that absolutely no one falls victim to red category drugs such as heroin, crystal meth, and crack-cocaine, and yet people still do. Illegality does not prevent this.

Prostitution And Crime: An addict's need, and the ill-affordability of highly addictive drugs such as heroin and crack-cocaine, means that the unfortunates who fall victim to these often have to resort to prostitution and crime, dragging other completely innocent people into the equation of misery and heartbreak. The lack of quality control means that people die from drugs that are inconsistent or contaminated whereas otherwise they would still be alive.

More Unnecessary Problems: Current UK drug policy has resulted in the highly potent genetically strained, psychologically damaging homegrown cannabis known as skunk, the smoking equivalent of moonshine, being more easily obtainable than the far less problematic, natural forms of imported cannabis - nature's finest. Consequently, many young people end up smoking that instead, causing more unnecessary problems and controversy.

Continue To Blunder On: There are colossal benefits for the whole planet and the whole of humankind to properly discriminating between and legitimising all drugs under proper supervision, alongside proper education, and yet we still continue to blunder on, creating an abundance of misery far in excess of anything that it need be!

Good Understanding: All adventure and exploration involves potential risk which diminishes as understanding grows! Man has developed considerable knowledge and a very good understanding regarding all traditional drugs. We should make sure that that knowledge and that understanding are put to good use and are not buried and shrouded by ignorance, where it is of benefit to no man!

Know The Difference: We do not outlaw dangerous sports because there is a risk of injury or fatality, however, we do try and make sure people know the risks and that they have the best equipment in order to avert potential disaster. There are some things you simply don't do, but some things you can. We must make sure that people know the difference and don't fall into a trap!

Significantly Wiser: Human beings are fundamentally curious. We like to explore and experience. That is in our nature and we have a lot to thank for that! Curiosity doesn't have to kill the cat, it can make the cat significantly wiser! But it is up to us! We have to do the right thing!

More Unnecessary Problems: Through its failure to act sensibly and considerately our government has made itself responsible for compounding drug related death, psychological damage in young people, drug addiction and drug related crime. Knowingly or unwittingly our government is behaving both irresponsibly and like a criminal itself!

Where We Are Now

"Some people want them, some people don't want them to have them. There are very serious issues to consider which involve perception, health, crime, fundamental human rights and gross financial waste. Political failure to properly address this issue has made matters worse."

What Can We Do? Some people think that making drugs illegal is enough to stop people from getting them or taking them. However, most realise that this is simply not the case. People always find a way. Prohibition does not work and we cannot order people what to do, they have to decide for themselves! It is especially difficult if they do not understand because they have not been educated, or conversely, if they have been educated, and don't subscribe to society's point of view. Society is guilty of many things and at some point we must accept the challenges of facing up to the truth about drugs and deal with it!

What Are The Issues? These are a just few... Current policy dictates that we wrongfully persecute people for exercising their God-given right. We turn our backs on people in desperate need. We waste colossal amounts of money pointlessly chasing our tail. We cause millions of ordinary innocent people to be dragged into the equation through drug related crime. We currently reap no benefit but instead create an abundance of serious unnecessary problems through our ignorance and because we do not act appropriately.

What Must We Do? At some point we must stop wasting our time wielding a big stick and take a completely new approach to the way we manage drugs and the associated problems. A completely new approach which encompasses understanding and proper education as well as the acknowledgement and application of psychology, human rights, moral decency and common sense!

What Are The Benefits? A different approach will take crime out of drugs completely. Eradicate criminal involvement, drug related gang violence and addict driven theft. Save the exchequer billions and make the exchequer further billions. Increase respect for the law and the police. Free up police, judicial, and prison system resources. Make a lot of people very happy and put right all that is wrong with the current situation!

Some Of The Benefits On Offer!

  • Nil deaths from contaminated drugs
  • Eradication of drug-related crime and criminal activity surrounding drugs
  • Gradual eradication of serious drug addiction and a better understanding of what drugs do
  • A recognition of human rights and individual freewill
  • Increased respect for the law, the police and the authorities
  • A reduction in knife crime
  • An annual swing of 20 billion pounds plus for the exchequer
  • Increase in police and criminal justice system resources to tackle real crime
  • A curtailing of the amount of skunk hitting the streets causing problems for young people
  • Reduction and gradual elimination of problem drugs
  • Eradication of global drug violence and death
  • Eradication of state persecution

"Currently there is absolutely no control or quality control over our so-called 'controlled' substances!"

Controlled Drugs? We constantly here the law stating the term controlled drug. However, such drugs are currently not controlled at all. In fact, despite the best efforts of the authorities, it's a free-for-all. Drugs of all sorts reach the streets and there is absolutely no control, or quality control over any of them. Plus we've have had to contend with a plethora of constantly evolving manmade so-called legal highs, which are far more dangerous than those that nature provides. This lack of consistency and quality control is the main reason people die from drug use.

Mr Cameron - No Answer! Nor Any Other Politician It Seems!
Previous politicians have failed to grasp the enormity of this issue. It seems that regarding his comment saying, "There will be no change", Mr Cameron is no different. The Government should start taking some responsibility for drug related problems because it is their job and because their position is actually the cause of much of it. This is an extremely serious issue for many reasons and yet the problems are allowed to persist because the politicians are either too afraid, too ignorant, or just can't be bothered. Perhaps they're happy with the booze, perhaps they don't know right from wrong, perhaps they don't care. Perhaps it's all just a little too complicated for them!

Has Society Got It Right?
It is quite apparent that society's drugs' policies have not worked in many areas. In fact, in some ways they have been solely responsible for, and the cause of, a great many problems, including otherwise unnecessary crime, death, harm, injustice and misery!

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Drugs? What Drugs?
A call for the authorities and the media to stop generalizing and to be much more specific with their references to the various different types of drugs and their dangers. Referring to all drugs simply as 'drugs' with no real discrimination gives people the highly misleading impression that all drugs are somewhat the same, and of course they are not. Leaving people to learn this lesson the hard way ruins lives.

Is it the best option if you want to experience a different mode or just have some fun, and is it right that this is the only legal option?

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Social Drug Enjoyment
It is true to say that human beings, and not just human beings, other mammals, including dolphins, enjoy the feeling of slight intoxication and other drug related experiences. We need to recognise this and allow consenting adults greater freedom of choice when it comes to the drugs they wish to enjoy socially or intellectually. Alternatively, the police had better get their swimming trunks on and start locking up those naughty dolphins. You can watch the dolphins getting high by having a go on the aptly named puffer fish on these YouTube articles. It's hilarious!

Heroin - The Right Way?
Ignoring the drug victims, the innocent victims of drug related crime and the immeasurable misery and heartache in the equation for just a moment, it costs £800 per week to keep a drug driven addict in jail and tens of thousands of pounds to get them there! Is there a better way?

Legal Highs
Many people are turning to a new range of legally available social and party drugs that have crept onto the market in recent years, as an alternative to confronting the law and its associated problems. However, does the fact that it is legal mean that it is safe, or are people being herded into taking unknown risks by society's current understanding, or lack of it?

Who Is Qualified To Judge?
So many people have opinions and about what is right and what is wrong, all believing perhaps that they are right, and yet society's drug policies are a mess and result in all sorts of problems, if you don't think so, just look at the problems caused by alcohol alone.

Hard Drug Quality Control And Availability
It is actually the illegality and unavailability of certain hard drugs that causes many of the problems we currently associate with them. Making such drugs more available to addicts, in a controlled fashion, actually would eradicate such problems.

Advantages Of Legitimising All Drugs
There are so many advantages to legitimising all drugs and allowing the individual user an unimpeded, educated, choice, one has to wonder why we haven't done it....

Facts, Figures And Statistics That Surround The Current Situation
Staggering numbers, money poured down the drain, colossal profits made by cartels and crime syndicates, thousands of unnecessary deaths, and still the drugs keep coming....

Mention the word hallucination, and the common inference is that you are somehow seeing something that is not there or not real. However, is this actually the case and can it also be true that you are experiencing something that is always there but just outside our normal limits of perception? Is our current common understanding of hallucinogenic drugs and what they achieve just a hallucination in itself? What is an hallucination? Is it simply a complete load of nonsense or is it a glimpse of something beyond?

LSD can introduce you to God. Has society the right to deprive people of that privilege?

State Persecution
The state persecution and witch hunting of innocent people causes a lot of upset and resentment. People do not like to be violated and normally, this is an offence under the law. Why do we still think that this is a fair and appropriate way to behave in this country?

Politicians Years Behind Grass Roots!
Cannabis reclassified yet again. Why are politicians so out of touch and how can they possibly legislate regarding such personal issues when it is apparent they know so little about them?

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Is Our Government Is Taking Advantage Of Nicotine Addicts?
Many people, especially pensioners, unemployed, low paid and single mums, can hardly afford to smoke now. Is it right that the Government bleed so many people into poverty when we all know that smoking is such an addictive habit and can be so hard to give up?

Free Foreign National Women
Do we really want to be paying substantial amounts to keep foreign national women in our already overcrowded jails, or should they be sent back to their homelands, to reunited with, and look after, their children.

Cannabis v Alcohol v Nicotine
Compare cannabis, alcohol and tobacco in this table of facts and comments.

Is It Worth It?
With regard to certain currently illegal drugs, you can ask yourself, is it worth it? And sometimes people feel the answer is definitely yes! Sometimes the answer can definitely be definitely no, and that is where education and awareness should prevail.

Fun And Adventure
There is always potential risk in seeking out fun and adventure, however, this doesn't mean we don't ever do it. There are also many things that people do to feel good or enjoy the experience, and again some involve potential risk. However, you cannot ban everything that people like to do just because of potential danger or risk to health, so we encourage people to be wise, not to overdo things, and to take the necessary precautions...

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