People Management And Shared Responsibility

Example Community? Perhaps we should use England to engineer an example community and show the rest of the world how it should be done. The answer? To introduce a new political system of government called People Management! The main function of the People Manager, or PM, would be to manage the people with consideration! This includes ensuring that all people get a say in individual issues that concern them and are satisfied with the actions being taken on their behalf. In other words, nobody is put out or offended by things done 'on their behalf'. Most people are able to be responsible for themselves and, indeed have to be. If they are given the facts they can also think and decide for themselves. Most people are more than capable of making an informed decision, and therefore, major issues that concern all people, should perhaps be decided by all people. The People Manager and associated staff would then put into practise what has been decided. Simple!

Take An Interest? At the moment many people do not vote because they see little point. A new system such as this would put more freedom of choice in the lap of the individual, encourage interest in community and world affairs, and give more incentive to express opinion. Such problems and issues could be decided by combining all people's communications and levels of preference (see CYCLOPS). But let us not be be put off by people saying that no one would be bothered or take an interest. The fact is, people have never been given the opportunity. Such a system may take a little bit of getting used to and some encouragement may be needed to adopt such a way of life. But, many people would appreciate the chance to have their say and the chance to prevent those in charge running rampant with public funds in misappropriate ways, whilst at the same time, cutting back on things we do need in order to vote themselves a large pay rise. Wouldn't you like the chance to spend other people's money willy-nilly so as to justify your own existence and your own fat salary, knowing full well that even if you cock it up, there's nothing anyone will do about it. Because that's the situation as it currently exists. It is time for those with their fingers on the purse strings, to accept a degree of responsibility and accountability, and to conjure up a degree of consideration by consulting the provider of the purse contents, so as to make sure they are doing an admirable job with the money. And all people are as happy as can be. That's people management!