Public Say and Democracy

No Democracy: Although the U.K. is generally referred to as a democracy, we can clearly see that it is not. Our governments and local authorities like the people they govern to think that they have a democratic say, however, when push comes to shove, it is very apparent we do not. Both governments and local authorities are very good at burying the democratic process and ignoring the weight of public opinion when it suits and all too often the people of this land are overruled and walked all over against the majority public view and even the grain ofcommon sense.

No Recourse: There are many issues that should involve public consultation nowadays, but with our existing archaic system of rule, the public are not considered or consulted. Instead we are very often forced to accept changes that are disagreeable as governments and local authorities can still do what they like, regardless. There is no recourse, even when they get it wrong, and for us, they frequently do. They can also decide not to act and again there is absolutely nothing that we can do. Except perhaps march, riot, petition or strike.

Situation Getting Worse! With the advent of the European Union, the situation has been getting steadily worse with more and more decisions being made for us in a dictatorial fashion by people who live nowhere near and do not even have to put up with the consequences. Many such decisions are not popular and some even defy common sense. It is important to get independence for local communities and that local communities have a certain amount of independence when it comes to making decisions that affect them at a local level. The same should apply for individuals. It is not good when you are being interfered with and made to do something that you know is not right, or not best for you, by some faceless person from afar!

How Should It Be? In a true democracy there is no such thing as a government or local authority that lays down laws contrary to, or regardless, of public opinion. In a true democracy people there is an administrative body to administer the will of the people and the people get to vote on individual issues and not just on which political party will be the inconsiderate boss. As we have seen, which ever party is voted in, they are all as bad and they all do just what they like, regardless. Even though those that benefit from this current archaic system like us to think it is a democracy, it is not and is indeed in fact a very poor show for this day and age.

Time For A New System? Nowadays we have the technology to implement a completely new and up to date political system (see CYCLOPS) which, through interactive online voting and telephone polling, will enable everyone to share in a truly democratic process. For once, politicians will be able to do what they are paid to do, and that is administer to the people's needs and desires. This of course will obviously mean the demise of the democratic dictatorship and the democratic dictator as we know it and instead give rise to a new concept, up until now completely unheard of - the civil servant.

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