The People's Manifesto and Government

"Wherever you have just one man, or woman, in control, your welfare and your destiny are limited to the faults, weaknesses and biases of that man or woman and those immediately around them. No system involving such a multitude of people should be confined to such limits, and where they are, we can see the undesirable, sometimes catastrophic results!"

People in the street often know what needs to be done, politicians and the current political system often get in the way and / or steer things in the wrong direction. Politicians are not as clever as they think they are (or as they like to make out). They are often corrupt, inferior or morally compromised human beings and it is about time that all people had a proper say in the way we manage the affairs of our nation! Especially as those affairs affect us all!

It is time to abolish the old-fashioned political party system and the self-interested politicians, who do not serve society as a whole, and work towards bringing into place a new system which serves all people equally, enables all people to have a say, and which is not open to the kind of manipulation and corruption that the existing archaic system is. The existing archaic system has no pros and is full of cons. Pros and Cons.

Whenever we talk about what the Government are going to do or not going to do, it is always in terms of they. They're going to do this, or they're going to do that. However, in a true and legitimate democracy it should not be a case of they, it should be a case of we. It should not be a case of us and them, that is the Government and us, it should simply be a case of us. It is about time we were able to say WE are going to do this, or WE are going to do that, and know that WE, the majority, have had a say and are in agreement with what is going to happen. After all, WE ARE all in this together, aren't we?

Of course the politicians might argue that the great unwashed couldn't possibly have the savvy to understand and make decisions on important issues. But of course, up until now, we haven't actually tried. In fact in favour of implementing such a scheme, we, the great unwashed, might argue that we couldn't possibly do a worse job than the politicians, who fight and squabble like children, as they exercise their regime of one-upmanship and try and influence things in the direction that suits themselves. Not necessarily that which suits the majority and suits those that pay their wages.

Unfortunately, as we have seen over the years, politicians have been very prone to being influenced and badly motivated, causing them to act, or not act, contrary to what the majority would like to see. The people's manifesto is made up by the people out of the issues that the people feel are important. The administrators, that is our government, can then act to implement the manifesto as we see fit. It is about time in this modern day that people were given a proper vote and a proper say in where our money goes and how we manage our affairs!

I think it's fair to say that things could be better in most areas, but it is hard to think of one area where the Government have done well over the years, regardless of their polarity. From Margaret Thatcher through to where we are now, the Government have failed dramatically on behalf of the majority of people in this country in just about every department.

  • Housing
  • Jobs & Manufacturing
  • Public Ownership
  • Transport
  • Traffic Management
  • Immigration
  • Local Authority Management
  • People Equality
  • Wealth & Resource Distribution
  • Logistic Management & Local Services

There are many better brains up and down the land than in Government and local authority. Tapping into those brains, putting new ideas and suggestions on the table, making sure we do right by all the people, and not just some, is good for everybody and good for our nation.