Heathrow = Heath Row

Blatant Corruption: We are so used to our political system being corrupt that it seems we don't even notice it. Politicians are so used it being corrupt that they don't even worry about it. The government are quite happy with it being corrupt because they know everyone just puts up with it.

Failing To Consider: Stupidity, ignorance, corruption, vested interest, lack of foresight, lack of caring, misplaced emphasis, money madness? What is it with our government at both local and national levels when it comes to walking all over the democratic process and failing to consider the people that pay their wages?

Sheer Arrogance: Do they always think they know best? Do they think they're the cleverest people in society? Well, sorry to disappoint, but the answer is an emphatic NO on both counts! The cockups are prolific and we, the people paying for the cockups as well as their wages have to live and suffer the ongoing ramifications!

Alien Language: Facilities, amenities, school placement and other logistical necessities have been badly managed with logistical planning and awareness being like words from an alien language and traffic scheme incompetence has run absolute riot, with those in charge spending absolute fortunes on making the roads less efficient.

Inefficient Mess: London is already an inefficient, over populated, congested mess and now the Southeast is going the same way, losing amenities and green space to ramp up housing density. As the sprawl spreads, traffic grinds to a halt, business and domestic efficiency and the quality of life go down and the social and health problems go up.

Their Objective: Politicians talk about bringing in money, as if it's the only thing that matters, however, making life impossible for people costs us all money, and also makes life impossible. They may well deny that this is their objective, however, unfortunately it is the effect of much of what our goverment and local authorities do for us.

Becoming Impossible: Every other day there are reports on the television and in the media about pollution issues. The government and local authorities are cramming so many people into some areas that normal operation IS becoming impossible with people unable to get where they need to be, stuck in traffic, coughing out fumes.

Never Again: The expansion of Heathrow will swallow up villages and much of the last remaining green areas in the location. What we have left of our green areas and woodlands are massivley important and you just cannot keep over populating any given area without causing problems that can never again be rectified.

TOLD! Even so, in our wonderful democracy, the democratic process goes on and the people in authority take absolutely no notice whatsoever. It has to be bad when, not only are the general public excluded and walked all over, but even the MP's aren't allowed a free-thinking vote, literally being TOLD how they must vote.

Or Else! Of course, we know that our political system is corrupt, running on favours and bribes (semantically and traditionally known as donations), but call it what you will, it is what it is, however, corruption of our political system does not become much more glaring than when people are told they're not allowed to think for themselves and they have to vote a certain way, or else!