Champion Of Truth

Politicians should be applauded for speaking the truth not effectively sacked. What a ridiculous state of affairs!

Somewhat Offensive! I have always been a great believer in saying it like it is. I know at times being this blunt can be somewhat offensive to those that would rather not hear it and I have often been accused of being so. Of course, people are free to express their indignance if they wish and they often do. Alternatively they can stick their fingers in their ears and some do that too! However, what doesn't help anyone is when people pretend the truth isn't the truth. Especially people in responsible positions. It may, in the short term be easier for them, however, running away from the truth is not an answer and it never will be!

Sweep It Under The Carpet! I had to write this brief article because I was outraged at the fact that a decent caring politician spoke the truth for once and was then expected to apologise for doing so. Worse still, she was then expected to resign from her position. Wasn't it this kind of wimpish lack of balls that led to so many young ladies being systematically abused over so many years while nothing was done by the authorities to stop it? In fact the authorities preferred to sweep it under the carpet and let it carry on rather than face the truth and stand up to it!

It Is What It Is! Tell me now, if it had been Chelsea supporters carrying out such abuse, would one have been expected not to say so? Would we have even simply said football supporters? No! It would have been emblazoned all over the news. "Chelsea supporters rape young women!" Yes, no doubt about it! The same if it were Polish, Spanish, American or bloody Martians, so why not Pakistani? This kind of abuse of young women is unfortunately an unsavoury part of the culture and attitude of some Pakistani men and it is what it is! Shout it from the rooftops and get the truth into the open where it can be properly dealt with! Good for you Sarah Champion!

August 2017