Managing Our Assets

People Should Be Considered! The Crosstalk Foundation is about the communication of people's feelings and ideas. Focusing attention on what appears to be wrong with certain aspects of our society and promoting ideas to try and improve things. Crosstalk is an electrical term pertaining to the leakage of information from one channel to another. As people, all we have to judge by is our senses, but, we believe we should give consideration to all people's input and opinion, so that we know that we are being fair and just in case any opinion that is left out is one that rocks the world. We also believe that, in this day and age, all people in the street should be considered and have their feelings taken into account. Too often, by far, local authorities and governments ignore the strength of opinion and walk all over people's feelings, as if we don't count. Well we should count by now!

Authorities Consistently Fail: People who hold positions of power and responsibility must be compassionate and trustworthy if they are to function on behalf of the public's best interests. This is why, as we have seen so many times, governments and local authorities so often fail in satisfying the people. Governments and local authorities who cheat the people cheat themselves in the long run, although they don't ever appear to worry about it! No, because they all come out the other side very well off thank you!

  •    Without people? There is nothing to govern!
  •    Without people? There is nothing to account for!
  •    Without people? There is no power for any Government!
  •    Without people? There is no foundation upon which to build future generations!
  •    Where on Earth would we be without people?
  •    Surely by now we can manage our assets, including people?