In a true democracy all actions, rules, regulations, laws, and policies, should be agreeable to the majority!

"Politics and leadership are all about opinions. Sometimes those opinions have people best interests at heart, sometimes they don't. At the moment democracy in the UK is all about the opinions of the select few. As we have seen, just because someone is in a position of authority doesn't mean that they automatically know best and that they are always right. However, in a true democracy it does mean they should be guided by the views of the people that pay their wages and whom they are supposed to be serving! Up until now, political systems around the globe have always been about the few selfishly controlling the many. Now that we have the technological understanding, it would be nice to see that change giving the people that foot the bill more opportunity to get heard, and have more say in what happens and where their money goes."

Facts About People: People can think they know better when they don't and can also fail to listen because they think they know better when the don't. People can lack purity of motivation which affects decisions they make. People can be very selfish, only giving consideration to themselves and those they consider important. When people are in positions of responsibility and authority they can think they are entitled to do what they like and impose their will on others, sometimes patently unjustly.

Facts About Politicians: Politicians can be devious and corrupt in their thinking and their behaviour. They do not properly consult or consider people. They live in a different world and do not always properly represent people. They impose their will on people, making decisions and implementing policies that go against the majority will of the public and spend public money like it is their own, often wasting inordinate amounts. They abuse their position and manipulate circumstances to benefit themselves and their friends. Our political system is blatantly corrupt.

Time For Change: Human beings can be less than they should be! Even those in government! Perhaps we ask too much to expect any one man or woman or small group of people to be fit or trustworthy enough to do the right thing by the masses. Individuals abuse their positions, take countries to war and use the ordinary people to fund and fight that war. It is time for the ordinary people all over the world to try and shake off this kind of political autocracy and dictatorial tyranny that ruins lives across the globe. If we can do so, we may at last have a chance of achieving some peace on Earth! It would be nice to say that we have been better in the UK, but unfortunately, that is not the case! The problems such individuals can cause can reverberate throughout our society and around globe for years to come, as we have seen and continue to see!

Political Failure?

All People: Politics should do the right thing by ALL people, not just by some. If our system of government is not achieving this, for whatever reason, things need to change. There are much better ways and at the moment we fall a long way short, regardless of who gets in.

Dramatic Failure: Politicians clearly like to have their own way, and they always seem to think they're right. But judging by facts and hard evidence accumulated over the last 40 years, it is clear to see that in general the politicians and the current political system have dramatically failed the people in just about all important areas of social management. Housing, immigration, jobs, crime, wealth distribution, resource and facility management, drug management public ownership, transport and traffic management, school provision and placement. War. Yes, war! Most of us have certainly had enough of war and the cost in both human misery and monetary terms, to say nothing of the ongoing ramifications! It costs us a bomb! All too often, literally!

Hardly Do Worse: Politicians have let the people down in just about every crucial area. Even though these areas are crucial, they should also be run-of-the-mill. The daily bread and butter, routine management that goes with the job. This is seen to be case both at national and local levels, the story in fact is much the same. It is quite clear that the current political system is open to a wide level of abuse and it is also quite clear that it does not work very well. This has resulted in a great deal of suffering and inconvenience, not for the politicians, who have a wonderful life, but for the ordinary people they are supposed to serve! Perhaps it is time for a change! Perhaps it is time for the ordinary people to take charge of their own lives! We could hardly do a worse job! Remember, a hundred years ago women were not allowed to vote, something that is unbelievable now. Times do change, and so they should!

No Democracy
What is wrong with our democratic system? When those at the top get out of control, there is absolutely no mechanism to prevent them doing anything the greater majority of people may not wish to see happen.

To put in place a mechanism for the people to stress their feeling to the Government on particular issues and get good ideas from the public taken on board by any government. People can register their strength of feeling without being forced to take excessive action such as marching, striking or blockading and which will also allow for the promotion and implementation of good ideas from the public. Nowadays we have the technology to implement a new political system, which can enable everyone to share in a truly democratic process on policy. For once, politicians will be able to do what they are supposedly paid to do, that is administer the will of the people.

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Time For A New Political System?

Public Veto!
Governments and local authorities spend billions of pounds of public money on various schemes, some of which blatantly go against the wishes of the people and even the grain of common sense. This is not democracy, it is tyranny and unacceptable in a so-called democratic society. It is, therefore, time to institute a power of public veto, which can be exercised by the people picking up the tab, both locally and nationally, in any given situation where governments or local authorities are acting out of step with the democratic will of the people.

Government Is So Obviously Corrupt - Heath Row!

The Government's whipped vote on the expansion of Heathrow, an undertaking that will contribute significantly towards further degrading the quality of life for many people, carving up what little they have left of natural ground, increasing air pollution and of course, noise pollution, traffic congestion and pollution, etc., etc., highlights the blatant corruption that exists in our current political system. In a modern world, old fashioned dictators must go the way of the dinosaurs, where they rightly belong!

Local Authorities, Local Authority Control & Bexley Council
It is a fact that local authorities all over this country do not listen to the people that pay their wages and whom they are supposed to be serving. They are arrogant in the extreme and often not very clever. They behave like tyrants and bullies, cannot take good ideas on board, are deceitful and waste inordinate amounts of public money on things that people don't want, some of which are simply ridiculous...

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The Creature (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

The People's Manifesto
A new system of government that doesn't involve political parties, just people...

Champion Of Truth!
I for one don’t think politicians are honest enough much of the time. In fact I would like them to be seen to be more honest, however, it seems for our lame society one can be a little too honest at times and then be expected to resign...

Public Funding and Resource Management
Shouldn't people have a say in where their money goes?

Public Servant Accountability
Isn't it about time that politicians and public servants were answerable to the people that pay their wages and that those people should also have some say in where their money goes and what it is spent on?

Asset Management
Just how important are people and their opinions?

People Management And Shared Responsibility
Who is responsible? Who should be responsible?

Politicians Or Parasites?
Our government and political system can often be seen to be completely useless. The current system costs us a lot of money but consistently delivers a poor job. The politicians maintain they know best but it is obvious they often don't. Their heads are often not in the right places. They are obviously not in tune with the people and they cannot even manage to properly organise the basic needs of people, such as food and shelter. They have not acted sufficiently in many areas that have led to a degradation of life quality and have wasted inordinate amounts of money on things that have not improved life but have made matters worse. They take us into wars that many would rather not be involved with and they do this without the consent or consideration of the people. By doing this they inflame the problems in the world and cause and invite trouble in our homeland. The interference in other countries makes a complete mess of things for the people that live there causing displacement, death and destruction and generally makes matters worse for them. The only people to benefit are those that profit from war and the sales of weapons and the rebuilding of those lands they have helped to destroy.

It is perhaps a paradox, but many people think that if you want a career in politics, you shouldn't be there in the first place. It is true to say that the best people for the job would not want to be involved in such a system. It is archaic and childish. However, whatever one's opinion, it must be said that politicians pay themselves a very reasonable salary and it is duly right that they should adequately serve the people that pay their wages. However, at all levels, from local to national, to international Government, this can often be seen not to be the case. The relationship between politicians and the public should be symbiotic, that is to say, mutually beneficial; and the public should not have their feelings ignored by the people whose wages they are paying. This has to change if we are ever going to live in a truly fair and democratic society. To quote the wise and cynical Harry Pearce of 'Spooks', "Politicians are conniving, wheeler-dealing, scum!" That quote may or may not be a bit harsh, however, as many will no doubt agree, I think it is true to say that they are far too often more interested in serving their own self-interests than they are in adequately serving the people that pay their wages! And funnily enough, they can never give you a straight answer either!

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The Price Of Power?

Where's The Choice In That Ken?
Ken Livingstone, in the same sentence as talking about fining cyclists for cycling on the pavement (even though in many instances it is safer for them to do so), was also talking about fining people for not voting. However, apart from taking away a person's freedom of choice, something that should be considered paramount and respected as such, in doing this he is also perhaps overlooking the fact that so many people are completely disillusioned by our current, so called, democracy, which is so obviously just a corrupt and perverse illusion peddled by the politicians. Didn't sixty-six percent of people vote AGAINST extending the congestion charge zone? - Yes, they did! In our society, the public are the end-user and the one's that see where the problems lie a lot of the time. After all, we have to live with them! For us to be completely ignored by those whose grossly inflated wages and expenses we are paying through the nose for, is something of an outrage. People who express their disillusionment by not voting should not be penalised further by being fined - I think they have to put up with enough as it is. Especially from people like you Ken! If the public do not agree with an idea it should not be implemented, full stop! Otherwise, everything that people have fought for in the past just fades away into farce. Dictatorship, it seems, is still rife, even in this so-called democratic society.