The Wall - A Mark Of Respect For The Psychological Damage Of War!

Everybody Loses! Many people realise the absolute futility of war. Nobody wins. Everybody loses. Once upon a time, although it wasn't perhaps any less painful, at least the people that ordered the war were up the sharp end, fighting alongside their men. Nowadays, the instigators of war just give the orders from their backrooms whilst the common man, generally dragged away from what he would rather be doing, has to go out and sacrifice life and limb to argue the squabbles and vanities of those people in charge. Hitler, the most notorious of warmongers in recent times spent much of his time at his mountain retreat in Bavaria sleeping in until late in the day and watching films in the afternoon. Sleeping in and watching movies whilst the world fought and died on his orders. How can one psychopathic lunatic be allowed to be responsible for so much death and destruction, pain and misery, heartbreak and ruin? Some people, unfortunately, get a thrill out of throwing their weight around, bullying and trampling on people. Others go along with it and enable them to do it. Some will take that as far as murder and genocide. Sometimes it is therefore justified to fight. Sometimes it has to be done. To stop a school bully or a tyrant like Hitler, sometimes it is the only way.

Church Will Not Sin! If you look at two of the key figures representing the opposing sides in WW2, synonymous with the good and evil, it is interesting that the letters in their names can be split into meaningful key words. Anagrams. The letters that make up the name Adolf Hitler can become FAIL THE LORD, likewise, the letters that make up Winston Churchill can become CHURCH WILL NOT SIN. Is there anything in that? Well, if anybody in recent times qualifies for the mantle of antichrist, it must be Adolf Hitler, who did just about the opposite of everything that Jesus taught, so he definitely did fail the lord. I believe it is also true to say that the church's view on war is that there can be a just war. Sometimes you have to fight, just as our own antibodies have to fight off invading germs in order for the body to remain healthy, the same became true on a bigger planetary scale. In other words church will not sin. Of course there are two other very obvious clues in the names of Hitler and Germany, and that is that Hitler begins with hit, and Germany begins with germ. Interesting! Not that I would single any particular nation out, because we've all done our fair share of invading, but WW1 and WW2 became known as the only two World Wars (thus far). There are lots of interesting things like this in the English language. Pertinent anagrams and meanings in key names and words. Coincidence, or something else perhaps? Adolf Hitler also becomes of ill hatred and I do fart hell. Yes, never a truer word!

Kids Of The Day: Whatever the case, when it came to WW2, we all got caught up in it, and hell it was. It isn't just the killing, the physical damage, or the damage to property that war brings about. War causes immense and unquantifiable psychological damage as well. Damage that reverberates on through the generations that follow. There are so many instances, but for one famous example, look at how it affected Roger Waters' life. The silver lining for the world maybe the advent of The Wall, and I'm sure we're all grateful for that. However, for the man, as for so many, there can be no real compensation for the loss, and the life that could have been. People that instigate war don't seem to mind sacrificing their soldiers, the pawns, mainly the kids of the day. And let's make no mistake, the people that get shoved up the sharp end are exactly that - kids, not even out of their teens half the time. What can you say about people who play with the lives of others, as if they have no value or meaning whatsoever, except to be sacrificed cheaply in some power game?

Faulty In Design? I watch a fair few programs about what goes on in this world because I am very interested in the mechanics of it all, i.e. what is wrong, and where it all goes wrong. Whose fault is it? Is it God, or is it us? Is mankind faulty in design? Fatally flawed? Or can we ever get it right? I listen to the soldiers who have been there and I listen to families who have lost loved ones. It is sad that we still think war is a solution. No, the solution came and went a long time before the war started. Let's liken it to inoculation. Much less trauma than the disease. We people of this planet have to realise that we are all the same and we all want the same things out of life. We cannot take that at the expense of others. It must be all for all. Anything less equals war. We cannot allow our masters to keep lining us up against those on the other side. Of course, in reality, the Earth has no real sides! It's actually a ball! Sides are all in the imagination and the indoctrination. If it can be said to have a side, it only has the one, and we're all on it. It is time we understood that!

Broken By Battle! One program I watched recently, a BBC Panorama, called Broken By Battle, really underlined the way that young people get used just like bullets, to be fired in an expendable fashion. Oh yes, we hear the politicians giving it the spiel, but do they really shed any tears? Do they ever really contemplate fully the ramifications of the decisions they make? That is the difference between being there at the sharp end and not. Once you have been there it must really hit home that there has to be a better way! There has to be! The only people that don't realise this, or perhaps simply don't care, are the people that stay at home in there nice cosy environments dishing out the orders, leaving others pick up the pieces - literally. Like many, this particular program was quite heartbreaking. It was about post traumatic stress disorder and resultant suicides amongst young soldiers that had since returned from Afghanistan. For some, any war, but especially a war such as Afghanistan, where the greatest number of casualties are civilians, must completely destroy your faith in humanity. Nobody will win in Afghanistan, the Russians tried and failed and of course the West supported the resistance then. However, while the world and the latest generation of string pullers learn the same old lesson, more innocent men, women and children die, or are very seriously maimed.

No More To Give! As for the kids that go out there to fight, they see their best mates blown to pieces. They see whole families, women, children, even babies, blown apart by IED's. The experience is so horrific that, even if they do make it back home, some just cannot face life anymore. So, they end it for themselves. Panorama reported that last year more soldiers died in this way than were killed by the Taliban, and yet our MOD currently gives no real support or recognition to this fact. Such soldiers, shamefully, do not even get a mention on the wall. The National Memorial Arboretum that is, where all soldiers who have died serving their country have their names engraved. Yet these young people, so obviously a casualty of the war they fought in, are coldly denied any such remembrance by the people that ordered them to their eventual death. If they had ended their lives in Afghanistan their names would be engraved and yet as it was a post event, taking place after they got back home, they are ignored. Disrespectfully lost and forgotten by the powers-that-be. It would mean so much to them and their families to have their names engraved on the wall alongside their comrades and yet we do not see fit to acknowledge them here. Despite the fact that they have given all! And surely no one has more to give than their own life? They have fought in the war and died of their injuries. The injuries may be latent and psychological, but the damage is so severe that they never recover. They are just as dead as if they had stepped on an IED. Used and discarded with no thanks or recognition. Like so many young people sacrificed in war, their contribution to those that gave the orders, which suited them at the time, seems to mean so little once they have been, like bullets, fired and expended. No mark of respect for the psychological damage of war!
Crosstalk by Taz: December 2013