Vested Interest In The House - Part 8.

Game Of Monopoly: It takes a little while to try and work out some of what life is all about, if we ever do. Some people think that life is simply a ruthless game of monopoly and treat it as such. However, the way individuals behave in this world is a mark of how well we do, in what we could consider to be a schooling experience and a test of our being. What we have is very clever and the result of perhaps billions of years of evolution in our universe, engineered by something or someone far more knowledgeable that we currently are. In fact, it has to be said that mankind on Earth is pretty thick. It just goes to show what happens when you give people arms and legs and the ability to reason. Some people just cannot resist using them to punch and kick their fellow men and they use the gift of added brain power to connive and do others down.

Crucial Considerations: We have undoubtedly all been conned by those in charge, be it in politics or religion. They create divisions that lead us to believe that we are different because of the labels we paint on each other. In actual fact, all those labels and the differences that we think give us cause to fight and argue are all in the mind and always have been. We are indoctrinated and fed bullshit from birth! The crap comes from the super-rich controlling elite that worm their way in to various positions of power in different countries, in both politics and religion, and use and abuse that power to try to maintain or increase their own position in this world. In fact human beings on the whole are all generally the same and want the same. A good life and a bit of fun! However, how we go about achieving this and those we may walk all over along the way are crucial considerations in the marks that we may get and whether we pass the test, or not. Some will fail dramatically, as we have seen. However, we are the sum of what we do and how we choose to act!

Accountability! Some people simply cannot control their greed and their selfish urge to walk all over others, and their personal ambition to grow their assets leaves trails of debris and human misery. They really don’t care! These people have a lot to learn. They may think no one is watching. They may think they will not be accountable. They may think they can just get away with it. As I say, they have a lot to learn! Luckily, we’re not all like that. Some of us are quite reasonable and we don’t mind caring and sharing, in fact we manage to work out that it is the way we should be. If the people in positions of authority and power were all like that, I’m sure things would be very different, but they’re not, and as they carry on regardless they cause immeasurable amounts of misery and suffering for the ordinary people in this world.

Plan ET: So, the question remains. What do we want for our society and ultimately this planet? Jesus said the meek shall inherit the Earth. I would interpret this in today’s language as being the ordinary people. The ordinary people that are prepared to live in peace and share what we have been given without wasting our resources on the futility and stupidity of war. In other words, let’s grow up! Let’s focus instead on the common enemy. Things that threaten us all, regardless of who we are or what label we are given. But before we can achieve this, we have to unite on behalf of common interest and a common cause. Of course, there will always be those that would find such a move distasteful because it doesn’t suit their own selfish ends and on that front perhaps we would appreciate a bit of assistance from those that helped put all this together. After all, we were promised something. Perhaps someone else has a vested interest in the house too? The house we all inhabit that is, the boat we’re all in, the spaceship we’re all on, this oasis in the desert of space. Perhaps it is time for some of the hidden truth behind the plan ET!

All Or None! In bringing about some change there is no room for those who think that they’re the only ones that matter at the expense of everyone else. It has to be a case of all or none. In other words, we must work on behalf of all mankind. Essentially we would all like a nice life and an enjoyable existence and we have a planet well equipped to cater for that for everyone, not just the rich. To this end we would ask all those in charge to wise up and stop causing and pushing us into conflict and wasting our money and our lives on such things and start giving consideration to the whole. There is no room for the small-minded selfish vested interest and corruption that currently cripples nations and societies right across this planet and takes us on the road to continual war. This is something we must all now try and understand, especially those in charge. This is now our goal and we must all work towards achieving that goal!
Crosstalk by Taz: July 2017