Vested Interest In The House - Part 7.

Proper Democracy: "Wherever you have just one man, or woman, in control, your welfare and your destiny are limited to the faults, weaknesses and biases of that man or woman and those immediately around them. No system involving such a multitude of people should be confined to such limits, and where they are, we can see the undesirable, sometimes catastrophic results!" There is a lot to be said for bringing about a proper democracy and giving everyone a say in major decisions and general policy. For a start, we get what we want, not what we don’t want, and if we make a mess the responsibility for that mess rests with all of us, not just with one ill-motivated or erroneous person at the top and their corrupt friends. And don’t let the politicians kid you that they’re the only ones who know what to do. That is certainly a joke! In fact, politicians are often quite thick, and that’s not their only fault. They like us to think they’re clever, after all they’re always telling us in the sales patter, but unfortunately at both local and national level many are stupid, selfish, corrupt and morally stunted. Because of this they are incapable of doing a good job even with the very basics and they have made a cockup of just about everything in our society. They spend our money on things we don’t want, they abuse their position to benefit themselves and their friends, and they force the public to have to put up with things that we don’t agree with. Things we want, we don’t get, and things we don’t want, we are made to put up with. That is a form of rape!

Breath Of Fresh Air! Being ‘allowed’ a vote for Brexit was a breath of fresh air and the start of a much-needed move to try and get away from the absurd ‘British Empire in reverse’ controlling mentality. Nevertheless, the vote was ill-motivated and only offered to the people as a bribe and a means to fend off UKIP. David Cameron did not expect to lose and we all saw what happened when he did. Some people are still conniving behind the scenes to try and prevent it from happening. The controlling elite want to hang on to that control and they don’t want the ordinary people anywhere near it! However, it is time for change on this planet, and what that change will be will depend and rely on everyone standing up to be counted. We all need to start taking more responsibility for where we are and work to improve what we have. We need more honesty, more transparency, more decency and more accountability. We need an update to our moral framework and a society that is not just controlled and managed to suit the minority controlling super-rich elite, but one that sees the bigger picture. Yes, we are all in the same boat, a boat called planet Earth. We don’t want the minority controlling super-rich to sink it because of their warmongering and their greed.

At Our Expense: Many people would agree that it is wrong to rely on private enterprise alone to manage the fundamental essentials in any society because there are always greedy selfish individuals who will see this as an opportunity to exploit the rest of us. Essential services and infrastructure should not be seen as an exploitable opportunity and a means to make a minority very rich at the expense of the bulk of society. Such things should be managed and maintained by us all, because they are there to serve us all. Allowing the rich to monopolise, own and run them means we all pay more than we should paying for a service that is worse than we should be getting. Investment doesn’t happen when it should and we still have to bail them out when they fail. It’s a lose, lose, lose, situation for the ordinary people in society.

Basic Life Principle: Although communism was equally corrupt and sold to people in the West as a dirty word, the communist principle, which is in effect the principle of sharing and taking responsibility for the whole, is in fact a crucial basic life principle that allows us to exist. Without the application of this life principle we wouldn’t be here. This planet is essentially a bigger model of our own bodies, which are also made up of individual parts, all doing their own individual jobs. Life has shown us the effects of what happens when parts in our bodies fight and kill each other in the form of cancer. It is also true to say that if the nourishment from the food you eat does not find its way to all the parts where it is needed in the body, the body will malfunction and die. So the principle of sharing, caring and looking after each individual part is crucial to the health and wellbeing of any being. This is the same in principle for humans or for societies. This planet is a dysfunctional mess and the main reason is greed. People’s personal and selfish ambition in wanting to takeover, amass, hog and control all that nourishment for themselves, way over and above what they need. In doing so, they prevent it from reaching the whole and we live in the result!
Crosstalk by Taz: June 2017

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