Vested Interest In The House - Part 6.

Never Admit: Politicians and heads of state are always well looked after at the expense of the taxpayer, and it would be nice to think we could expect them to be morally sound. However, as one gets older, one starts to see just how lacking in both honesty and morals many of them are. Politicians are very self-serving and they will always try and make it seem like they're doing you a good turn, even when they’re not. In fact much of the time, both at local and national level, they are actually conniving and scheming to bring about their hidden agendas as they tell you black is white, employ smoke and mirrors, lie about statistics and make up stories to disguise their real motives and intentions. Sometimes they simply tell us how it’s going to be, whether we like it or not. Much of time we don’t, but at both national and local levels, they bully people and force issues through against the majority public will. Politicians never admit to anything and would, I’m sure, hotly deny being complicit in any of the immoral acts mentioned in this article. The unfortunate sordid truth would then be that they are so completely and utterly incompetent and useless that they are simply not capable of doing the job they put themselves forward to do, failing abysmally. Either way, failure or treachery, it rings through like Big Ben, chiming a moral deficiency and conniving deceit, or a complete and utter incompetence that now reverberates throughout the land and will long continue to do so for many years to come. The painful burden, as usual, is suffered by the children and the ordinary people that the self-interested politicians are supposed to serve. Can this dismal failure of those elected ever be corrected?

Tussle Of The Worms: The way this planet has been managed and abused has allowed the phew to profit obscenely at the expense of the many. Selfishness, exploitation, scum-baggery and scam-buggery have ruled supreme over the years and it still does. Once people are in power, they have taxes to spend and armies to defend or expand their empires and enforce their control. That has been the history of mankind on Earth and millions of ordinary people have died and suffered because of it. This planet is actually very wealthy, and many people think that that is just a convenient coincidence. But, look into it a little more and you begin to realise that there is much more to it than that. What we have is an example of planetary engineering and what we are is an example of a bio-technology way beyond ours at present. However, what is expected of us as we populate these bodies, which are a bit like a car in some ways to take us on the drive along the road of life, is that we see and understand the difference between right and wrong, learn to behave in a socially acceptable manner, and earn some appreciation and respect. C, A & R. See, or if you like comprehend, appreciate and respect. For those of us that can do this, there is a promise of a share in a society and a technology way beyond what we have been allowed to glimpse up until now. If it is too much to ask that we learn to behave and share accordingly and enjoy what we have, then perhaps we don’t deserve it. However, this is not the case for most of us, who are caught up in this perpetual tussle of the worms for power in this world and all the expense and misery that goes with it.

Greedy Fat Cats: The world has seen a grotesque amount of money wasted on the tug of hot and cold war in the communism versus capitalism contest. Of course, the communist ideal doesn’t suit the capitalist rich controlling elite, as it threatens their greedy and controlling position in society. But if you can ever escape corruption, in principle it’s not a bad way for societies to operate. It does involve governments taking responsibility for running and providing things, but profits go back into the system to benefit all. It makes life more affordable for the ordinary people if we haven’t got overly greedy people privatising and manipulating things and creaming massive great chunks of money that they don’t need off the top. Some people in our society are so obscenely rich and yet they’re quite happy enjoying their excessive spoils whilst others struggle to feed themselves and their children. Ordinary people’s lives should have been made significantly better in recent times but instead they have been made worse. There is no excuse for that! Modern technology could be taking a lot of the strain by now, but unfortunately the phew have seen this as just another mechanism to inflate their overly obese bank accounts while human beings get written off, surplus to requirements. This is the way our world has been fashioned and ordinary people have been conned, conditioned and indoctrinated into accepting it. Over the years ordinary people have even been made to fight and die in their millions on behalf of these greedy manipulative controlling individuals and where has it got us? The super-rich are still getting richer and the poor still have nothing!
Crosstalk by Taz: May 2017

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