Vested Interest In The House - Part 5.

As Safe As Houses: Although various politicians have mismanaged just about everything public and abused their position by selling off everything we used to own, nowhere perhaps have we seen a greater example of abuse and damage done than in the U.K. housing market. Property is certainly big business, and of course, essential, because everyone needs somewhere to live. However, funnily enough, this fact has not been reflected in government housing policy. Something that should be regarded as the day to day routine management, in making sure the population all have somewhere to live, has been completely ignored. Yes, please tell me, what is government about? The thing is, politicians aren’t completely daft. Neither are their friends. Selfish, devious, scheming, morally stunted, lying, conniving worms, yes, but not daft! They’re still able to figure that if they can get their grubby little fiscal fingers into essential services, infrastructure and housing, they’ll be onto a winner. The need for everyone to be housed means that property investment is as safe as houses and can earn you seriously big money. As long as prices go up and stay up that is.

Supply And Demand: How do you get house prices to go up? Well, any schoolboy can understand the mechanics of supply and demand and the ramifications of this. If things are in short supply, the price goes up. Hold something back, the price goes up. Not building enough houses for the indigenous people, whilst inviting lots more people to come over here and live, equals house prices go up. Lots more people plus not enough homes, equals house prices go up. A nice little earner for the landlords and property investors! To this effect, under providing on housing means that prices will go up and existing stock will both sell and rent at a premium, purse-breaking price. Housing the population is such a basic essential part of people management and to the rest of us this would appear obvious. So, I ask the question, do the politicians not know this? Are they really that thick? Or are they simply devious and corrupt? What do you think?

All Time High = All Time Low! Since Mrs Thatcher, this trend has continued on through successive governments, regardless of colour, or pretence of colour. Of course, in true political form, deliberately causing this is something that the politicians would vehemently deny. However, what they cannot deny is the fact that they have done nothing to deliberately correct it. The evidence is now all around. Thanks to our politicians we have inherited a social accommodation problem that has gone off the scale and worsened the lives of millions of people for generations to come, possibly forever. We may now have arrived at situation totally and utterly beyond repair. Even if today's young people are lucky enough to have a reasonably paying job, often a rarity in itself due to rampant greed and exploitation, the average young person will never be able to afford to buy or even rent a house, and many will be destined to a life living with, or relying on their parents, simply because they can now afford little else. Manipulating and exploiting the housing market means that those who own the properties and those that build the properties maximise their profits every time. Why build a thousand homes when you can build a hundred and make more money! You can keep profits at a maximum for years and years to come, as there will always be a shortage of housing. You can simply trickle them out making an absolute killing every time. In the meantime, people struggle to pay rents and mortgages, life for many reaches an all-time low, and our system of government stinks!

The Con Club Benefits! What this also means, apart from many people not even having a home, is that more and more people are dependent on help from the taxpayer. Consequently the ordinary people are now footing a massive bill as landlords, investors and developers alike siphon billions of pounds from the public purse via housing benefit, help to buy and other schemes, to line their own pockets. Interestingly of late, the Government have capped housing benefit and we must ask ourselves, why did the Government cap housing benefit and not rent? Surely it makes more sense to cap rents and stop unscrupulous overly greedy landlords from taking the proverbial, but no, the Government chose to cap benefits and throw people out of their homes instead. Families were told they had to move from London to Birmingham because it’s cheaper. Imagine being told you have got to pack up all your stuff, vacate your house, and move 100 miles up the road. The kids have got to leave their schools and their friends and you have got to give up the only job you had because it’s now a 100 miles away and travelling expenses are completely unaffordable. Not ideal! Our Government are certainly looking after the people. The rich people in the Con Club that is!
Crosstalk by Taz: April 2017

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