Vested Interest In The House - Part 4.

Fingers In Pies: Big contracts are another area where the government and their rich friends can milk the public, who currently get no say in whether such undertakings go ahead or not. For instance, HS2, the new high-speed rail link from London to Birmingham and beyond looks like it’s going to go ahead regardless. The public have not been asked if we want to spend so much money on something that will yield little or no benefit for most, be ill affordable for most, and temporarily ruin the lives of so many people through the stress and worry of being kicked out their homes. That is not to mention the decimation of ancient woodland. Of course, there are big fat juicy profits to be made for those on a commission to build it, effectively diverting billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. Considerable profit, for services provided, into the multiple bank accounts of the faceless phew. Would we rather not spend the 60 billion or so it will cost on something more agreeable to us all? Well, we haven’t been asked of course but over seventy percent of people say yes, we would! Just around the corner, those in power once again without consulting the people footing the bill, want to spend another 40 billion on replacing Trident. Lots of lucre there and a nice little earner for someone! A study back in the 1980’s showed that every billion dollars spent on weapons would create 40,000 more jobs if it was spent on something alternative. That means significant profit for someone.

War Costs! Many people, including those that started it, profited significantly from the war in Iraq. The first people to benefit are those with fingers in the arms and munitions supply pie. Modern weapons are seriously expensive and it costs us a bomb. An ironic phrase! A 2010 M.O.D report states that a single Tornado flight costs £35,000 per hour to undertake. A mission would usually be anything between four and eight hours meaning an average mission of six hours would cost £210,000. Typically two Tornados fly each mission, putting the bill at £420,000. Each Tornado payload may be four Paveway bombs at £22,000 each, and two Brimstone missiles at £105,000 each. Add all this up and it comes to just over £1,000,000 per mission. The Tornados can also be armed with Storm Shadow missiles at £800,000 each. A cruise missile costs £950,000 each. These are just minor examples of a small pee in a massive toilet of expense. We can begin to see that even before we get to the human cost and misery, war is very expensive for some and very profitable for others. When the war is over there is also much lucre to be made in helping to rebuild and restructure all that has been destroyed, the battleground, in this case Iraq, a nation very rich in oil. Yes, oil! It’s right in the middle of the t oil et! Sell lots of weapons to smash up someone’s homeland and then charge them lots of money to rebuild it! Over the years we have seen considerable interference from some countries in the affairs of others. Countries have been invaded and controlled from afar, against the moral right and against their own wishes. Such control has been enforced with the might of armies and significant modern firepower and people who have protested have been locked up or shot, and politicians can’t seem to understand why we have terrorists. No, they’re not that thick! But they think we are!

Scumbags Rule! As noted, the damage these people can do can be incalculable and unimaginable, until it’s done that is. For example, 50 years on, thousands of people still get blown up every year by unexploded ordnance in Vietnam and contaminants from Agent Orange are causing illness and deformation in young children. The people that caused that war have no idea of the suffering they have caused with their petty small-minded greedy self-interested politics! Wankers! It is now known that the inception of Isis came about in the detention camps as a direct result of the war in Iraq. Two selfish greedy manipulative politicians who lied to the people and abused their position to take nations to war without public consent, caused ramifications far beyond anything anyone at the time could ever have imagined. We all now have to bear the brunt and pick up the pieces of that. It’s inconvenienced millions of us in one way or another but that’s nothing compared to what some people have suffered. This ‘consequence’ of the war in Iraq has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. The displacement of hundreds of thousands of people! The ruination of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people! The loss of their homes, their loved ones and all their assets. People have been crucified, burnt alive and beheaded and all because two greedy selfish individuals and their friends thought they would, without even asking the rest of us, take us all down a road to hell! This undertaking has cost both the American and the UK taxpayer absolute fortunes and screwed up the world. But Tony Blair, George Bush, and friends, are all doing very nicely!
Crosstalk by Taz: March 2017

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