Vested Interest In The House - Part 2.

A Lie And A Con! It is a fact that in recent times certain politicians have stolen from the people through manipulation of circumstances. One most notable and obvious example of this being the fact that practically everything the public used to own has now been taken from them. As usual, the public had no say in this and certain politicians made it seem like it was the only option, but of course, it wasn’t. That was simply a lie and a con. It’s funny how companies supposedly making a loss all of a sudden start generating huge profits when they are privatised. Many, such as BT, were doing very well anyway. A BBC report stated that British Aerospace, one of the companies Mrs Thatcher and the men behind her stole from the people, generated profits of £1.5bn in 2015, up from the £1.3bn the year before. However, you can find many examples of significant profits made by such companies that used to belong to everyone, but now don’t.

The Phew! Once upon a time, apart from money put aside for reinvestment, profits from such industries could go back to the exchequer, to help ease everybody’s burden, or perhaps fund companies less profitable, keeping people in work. Now they go to private consortiums. Once upon a time everyone would have been benefitting. Now it is just the phew! Yes, that is not a spelling mistake. It is in fact short for the stinking rich controlling elite. The stench of which is choking this planet. The five percent that own the bulk of the wealth and hold the rest of us in permanent debt. Political systems all over this planet are corrupt to one degree or another and ours is unfortunately no different. People buy favours and governments pander to rich friends, who support their parties with big fat donations, but that is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Carry On Regardless: If a public company is running at a loss, there are many things that could be done to turn it around. Privatisation is not the only answer or some sort of panacea, which is how it was often sold to the people by the cheating politicians. There is also something to be said for keeping companies going, even if they do need some public help. After all, if they are owned by the public, putting something back into a company saves putting all the employees on the dole, which also costs quite a lot of money, especially when there are no other jobs in an area. Being jobless also makes people feel inadequate, worthless and lack self-esteem, because they feel they have no real purpose. It causes hardship, suffering and misery, because nobody can survive on dole money alone, despite the crap the politicians come out with. Other symptoms, such as significant stress and family break-up also figure in the equation. Of course, this doesn’t worry our politicians, who carry on regardless in their own cosy little world, supplied by the public with everything they need to live a lavish lifestyle, plus expenses. And that is before we get to the other perks and things they manage to cheat and worm out of the system.

Not Rocket Science! Most average people in this world are content with having a job, a few bob in their pocket and somewhere to live, maybe a holiday once a year. This is not rocket science. It is the bog-standard day to day stuff of routine people management. However, for the politicians it has proved to be an equation that is just a little too complex for their simple and selfish minds to work out, as they fail to deliver for the people they are supposed to be serving and managing. Why is this? When you put yourself forward to do a job, blowing your own trumpet in such a big way, one would think you would at least be able to do the job. So, why then have politicians failed the people so dramatically in just about all notable areas? Are they really that useless and inept, or is it all just a con to begin with?

A Quiet Life! Societies on Earth, as we know, have always been unevenly structured. Those that worm their way into power, by whatever means, are often badly motivated. They use the ordinary people to fund their lifestyles and fight and finance their wars. They hang on to power for as long as they can, using and generally abusing the masses as they see fit. All the problems on this planet are generally caused by those at the top in such positions. Some want to use their power to try and take over, or control others in other countries. Their interference is not welcome and it results in war. Of course, they don’t actually get involved in that bit. They like the common man to do the fighting for them. Life is cheap to them, as long as it’s not theirs. The sad fact is that leaders of nations are often just selfish scumbags who screw things up and spoil the quality of living for the ordinary people, who really do just want a quiet life!
Crosstalk by Taz: January 2017

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