Vested Interest In The House - Part 1.

Corruption Rules: We are generally all aware of corruption in governments and ruling bodies throughout this world. Corruption and immoral behaviour usually causes ordinary people significant problems and it is often greed that is behind it all. We like to think that the U.K. is one of the better countries in the world, but even so, our own leaders have hardly been whiter than white. This is the story of how our governments, in recent years, have abused their position, conned the public, and ruined the lives and futures of millions of young people in the process!

The Classic Con: Just like the word itself, buSINess can at times be full of immoral behaviour and wrongdoing. When there is considerable profit at stake some people simply cannot help exhibiting a less than desirable practice to line their own pockets at the expense of others. Instances where policy, profit and sheer greed have been put before people's welfare by those that couldn’t care less. Some people are blatant about it; some are more underhanded using deceit and guile to deliberately con people, as they tell you one thing and do another. They may lead you into a false sense of security and even make it seem like they’re doing you a favour, but really they’re having you over. It’s the classic con!

Treachery And Treason! If you are in the position to do so, that is in a position of authority, it is very easy to manipulate things to suit yourself. Unfortunately, our own politicians are not immune to this sort of behaviour, and of course, they are fully in a position to manipulate all sorts of things to suit themselves and their friends. However this is not just about a brown envelope or two passed between cohorts under a pub table or the fiddling of a few expense accounts. This is a blatant and extreme abuse of position and trust on a par with treachery and treason that has damaged a nation and ruined the lives and futures of millions of its citizens, possibly beyond repair.

Big Fat Wad! Politicians always have reasons as to why they have to do the things they do. However, the verbal slurry doesn't always convey the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Excuses, smoke and mirrors are often the order of the day as they manipulate the world to suit themselves in an effort to get the public to think they’re doing them a favour with the one hand whilst doing themselves and their friends a favour with the other. To some, money is God and their overwhelming desire to worship Big Fat Wad at any cost is an urge they cannot resist. When this irresistible urge starts to affect decisions in governments, it is always the people that pay the ultimate price. The damage done can be irreparable as it is usually impossible to go back and put things right. We all have faults and those faults do impact on those around us, but for those in positions of power and authority in this world, those faults take on a magnitude far greater and potentially far more menacing, affecting the lives of millions. This is a very serious problem all over the globe and in recent times it has become a very serious problem for us in the U.K. as it has badly affected our very own political system and our very own society at great cost to us all!

Personal Ambition! The trouble with living under a dictator is that ultimately we have just one man or woman in charge. The trouble with that is that we are all then susceptible to the faults, biases, impurities and corruptions of that person. Such a person can use their position to achieve personal ambition, or ambition for their friends, at the ultimate expense of everyone. At such times, the damage these people can do can be incalculable and unimaginable, until it’s done that is. It can easily take the world down the road to ruin and the depths of despair. We have seen many examples of this over years, one of the most notable being Adolf Hitler. Whether that personal ambition be taking over the world, as in the case of Hitler, or simply manipulating the world to make obscene amounts of money, as in the case of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, the rest of us pay through the nose while they and their friends go to town! A recent BBC Panorama documentary on President Putin suggested he has amassed some $40 billion in assets since coming to power. A significant amount of money indeed! Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher were also cult worshipers of Big Fat Wad, the one true God, and what better position to be in, if you want to capitalize and make bundles for yourself and your friends, than a position where you can control and manipulate everything from who owns and controls everything to the price of your house!
Crosstalk by Taz: December 2016

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