The Story Of Mankind - Part 10.

Corrupt Idiots: The trouble is that our world is still ruled by corrupt and selfish idiots. I call them idiots because they are greedy and small minded and cannot see the bigger picture. They usually only care about themselves and those close to them and they are not interested in the common good of the planet or even their own people. They all have their own agendas and their own little piece of global pie and they don’t want to share. If anything, they like to try and amass more, even though they don’t need it. Their extreme self-interest always has consequences for the rest of us and many ordinary people pay a heavy price for their disgusting behaviour. Death, destruction, disfigurement, displacement, loss of loved ones, family breakup, hunger, thirst and disease. Women and children often pay the highest price of all, suffering the most, when their homelands are torn apart. Many people are now worried that the planet as a whole could also become a casualty, leaving us nothing! Ironically, it will also leave nothing for the idiots in charge! I wonder, do they even realise this?

The Ultimate K.O. rea: Apart from the size of your army, the other crucial factor that affects your ability to win in battle and have control over others is the number and quality of your weapons. Those with superior weaponry obviously have a considerable advantage. Hence, perhaps, the reason why everyone wants nuclear weapons! It’s the ultimate threat and the ultimate status symbol and the ultimate K.O.! Thanks to the fact that leaders of nations cannot be trusted to get on and cooperate on behalf of the common good of the planet and the people, our one-sided globe and our only home is now loaded with enough nuclear potential to completely destroy it all and us along with it. Who’s paid for it? We have! The ordinary people! While ordinary people of this planet, who just want a quiet life and the simple basics in life, often go without and get no say in anything, are consistently deprived, ripped-off and ill-considered by those in charge, those in charge go about making a mess of our beautiful world, sacrificing the ordinary people for personal gain, personal ambition and even petty grudges. These people spend billions of our pounds on conventional weapons, billions on their armies, and billions more on the potential nuclear destruction of us all. The sad fact is, dinosaurs do still rule the Earth and they need to become extinct once more in order for us and our planet to survive!

Chain Of Command: Most of us realise that generally the people that worm their way into power are not there to serve the ordinary people; they are largely there to serve themselves. Many are devious and extremely heartless, ruling by force. They believe in bullying, persecuting and oppressing people and they expect their armies, secret services and police forces to go along with it. The armies and other government forces are paid, programmed and indoctrinated to follow orders and keep in line and the chain of command goes all the way to the corrupt idiots at the top. There is often financial incentive to join the armies and other government forces, as the power-hungry leaders divert the taxes of the ordinary people to pay for them, so that once they have achieved power they can use these forces to knock back any opposition. In some countries, as we know, they lock up, torture and wipe out people who may not agree with them or who may speak out against them. If you’re in the inner circle with the corrupt controlling elite, you’ll be well looked after, at the expense of the ordinary people, but will be expected to go along with unjust and immoral acts, such as persecution and other crimes against humanity including, as we have seen, genocide!

Profit From War: When such power and the armies and the weaponry that go with it are in the hands of some of these people, including a few of our own prime ministers, as we have seen and are still seeing, the ordinary people inevitably pay the price. These people have a lot in common. They are all self-interested, manipulative, greedy and very rich and if war happens to suit their ends or their egos, they don’t care who gets hurt or what damage they do to the ordinary people. It’s just a game to them, nowadays, usually on someone else’s board. Of course, regardless of spoils, control of territory and other reasons for starting a war, some people profit significantly from the sale of weapons and this should also not be overlooked as a motive to cause conflict, as there is a considerable financial incentive to up tension and up sales by both starting and sustaining war. When the war is over, they also profit from the rebuilding of what they have recently destroyed with their weapons. They secure big fat contracts to put everything back together, especially in oil rich nations, such as Iraq. Win, win for them, or so they think! However, the truth has something else in store for these people, who have had their own way for far too long, and that’s where we’re going next!

Crosstalk by Taz: May 2018