The Story Of Mankind - Part 9.

Survival Of The Ordinary: Because leaders of nations, gangs and groups or organisations are so busy feathering their own nests, bolstering their egos and can never be trusted to do right by the ordinary people of this planet, we have been forced into conflict after conflict using conventional weaponry. None of it has ever achieved anything good! Such simpleminded greedy ambitious power mad backward thinking warmongers, hatemongers and dinosaurs that worm their way into power and want to grind their axes, flex their muscles and fight with their gangs to try and take or takeover and interfere with what is not theirs by right, have caused the ordinary peace-loving people of this planet serious problems for millennia, wasting our lives and our resources. We can perhaps expect the animals to fight and squabble over control of territory and not be able to work out how to share, but by now we should be able to expect better of ourselves and of those that put themselves forward to be our leaders. Unfortunately, they are all too often greedy, selfish, corrupt and untrustworthy - and behave like children!

Bad Example! As well as setting a bad example to the rest of us and the real children in this world, they always drag the ordinary people into the mess they make. These greedy, egotistical idiots and lunatics have caused the premature deaths of millions over the years and the destruction of property on a massive scale. Even after two world wars and disgraces like Vietnam with all the death and carnage caused, they still haven’t learnt the lesson, as they carry on regardless bickering, interfering and sacrificing ordinary people! However, it must also be reiterated that these people cannot go it alone. But then when you have achieved control and can divert spoils to pay for your armies and police forces, who are paid, indoctrinated and programmed to simply follow orders, you can oppress any opposition, dig in like tick and reign destruction on command!

End anger: Mankind is a truly unappreciative beast at times. As well as killing and causing the death of many of our own kind through our greed and hankering for spoils, we have successfully wiped out other life forms on our beautiful planet and caused the serious depletion of many other species. Consequently, as a result of our exploits, many other species are now classed as endangered and critically endangered. Hunting, poaching, destruction of natural habitat through logging, mining and pollution, have all contributed. Climate change is now another major factor affecting the population density and ability to survive of many species on our planet. Some of us are very good at causing death and destruction to further our own ends and I think it’s fair to say we could also include ourselves amongst the species we endanger nowadays. The fact is, if we are going to survive on this planet, we must learn to properly manage the planet and ourselves - before it’s too late!

Deviants, Sub-Humans & Mal-Beings: Native Indians and other tribes that rely on the land have a great respect for nature and natural resources in the form of plants and wildlife that many people in the modern capitalist world simply don’t have. They have a code that could teach us all something. ‘Only take what you need, never more.’ We could all learn something from this, especially the badly infected sick and greedy people that keep taking and taking, even though they don’t need and even though they are causing the extreme, and otherwise unnecessary, poverty, pain and suffering of many other people, women and children included. Some threaten and take as they stand behind a gun or even an army. These people are badly infected! They are sub-humans! Deviants and mal-beings that have been so badly programmed and indoctrinated that they are literally full of crap behavioural software and they are of no use to anyone unless they can change. After all, we are supposedly a higher life form. It is about time we learnt to act like it! But, we are all free to choose, and the choices we make in this world will, without doubt, affect our destiny greatly in both this and the next.

Ants In The Nest: We don’t really want to see mankind throw everything away through ignorance, selfishness and childish behaviour, but the trick is to get things to change before it’s too late! At one time it was not such an issue, as men would only wipe themselves out. However, since the advent of nuclear weapons, we are in a position where we could end up writing off the whole planet. We must start pulling together and putting our emphasis in the right places, and yes, it is about time we grew up. If we don’t, we ourselves will suffer the consequences and there is no discrimination from the effects of what’s on offer. We will all suffer, regardless of who we are or where we come from, because we are all merely just ants in this nest, and there is no other nest to run to. We must therefore learn to look after this one! To be continued… Crosstalk by Taz: April 2018

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