The Story Of Mankind - Part 8.

Accident Or Design! Whether you believe it’s by accident or design, we have been given everything in this world. Conditions are good and our world is equipped with all the essential things that we could ever need. Building materials, food and fuels. Wood, coal, gas, oil, minerals, ores, fruit and vegetables, nuts, oceans full of fish. Even super elements to drive our technology. Everything we need to feed and fuel both us and our technical development. We have been spoilt beyond chance and have not been short-changed in any department. Our world is fairly stable, is located in a relatively safe part of space and rotates around a relatively stable sun. We couldn’t ask for more. But can we learn to be trusted and not throw it all away?

Spiritual Being: What many of us have yet to realise perhaps is that death in this physical life is not the end and this bodily form is not actually who we ultimately are. There is a technology that lies beyond this world, generally kept hidden, slightly beyond our everyday perception, although anyone can tune in. We have been given clues to this over the years but we find it hard to understand at present. But that is always the case until we understand. So much of the world is invisible to us. We see less than 1% (0.0035%) of electromagnetic radiation in the form of visible light without additional apparatus and we’re still searching for over seventy percent of a universe that we can’t account for. Two hundred years ago we had no technical understanding at all and didn’t even know dinosaurs had existed. If you’d seen someone talking on a mobile phone you’d have thought they were mad, or you were! What a difference two hundred years can make when the time is right! Mankind is ultimately a spiritual being from somewhere out there in space, and why wouldn’t we be? Spirit is the harvestable part of this life experience. A form of conscious energy, it’s a far more apt and able life form for moving about in the heavens. It’s resilient to radiation and temperature extremes and can travel in a flash. It is truly remarkable and we are extremely lucky, but again, it is also only technology and that comes from billions of years of evolution and natural adaption to our environment and the circumstances around us.

Earth / Heart: There are clues to what life on Earth is all about in our language and the name of our planet. The physical bodies that we inhabit in this lifetime on Earth are simply vessels that allow us to live a virtual experience and interact with the enormous variety of things we experience in this world to assemble our understanding. It’s a virtual reality, except it is our physical reality, but at the other end, nothing is lost because you still have your soul. The harvestable part and core of your being, containing the data and the sum of your life experience. Although we are all capable of appreciation and respect, we are not born with it. It has to be learned and earned. Some people find this very difficult because they are blinded by all sorts of other problems that can stunt one’s growth and personal evolution. They are greedy, selfish, inconsiderate and uncaring and they have no heart. This is what we find out about people as we go about our business in this world.

Morally Stunted! Even though mankind is intelligent enough to be able to achieve great feats of engineering, as a whole we are still a bit too thick and morally stunted to work out how we should be living and applying our emphasis. Some people are so blind that they simply cannot work out for themselves that it is inappropriate to use their God-given talents to kill, cheat, bully, exploit and walk all over others. These people cause the rest of us considerable problems, especially when they worm their way into power. Some exhibit yet another part of our evolutionary heritage, an extreme psychopathic lack of compassion and an utter ruthlessness. We can observe this in nature as life form devours life form for the sake of sustenance and survival and we can all understand why it happens. It is nature. A hungry Siberian tiger will kill and eat a cute cuddly bear cub without a second thought. This, as we know, is a natural instinctive action because the tiger knows that it needs to eat or die. There is no other motive and no ill-motive. Some humans choose to exhibit this psychopathic streak of ruthlessness as they walk all over others, causing pain and demise without a second thought for anyone but themselves. However, their motives are no longer pure and this is no longer about food. It is now about greed, personal ambition, personal gain, prejudice, hate, and even entertainment. Some people are so ruthless that they don’t mind who or how many they cause to suffer or die. Such behaviour, at the expense of others, cannot be excused. These people may think they have achieved some power and that they are untouchable, but despite the massive problems and trauma they are able to cause in this world, individually they are truly pitiful and miniscule as they walk on a road to certain damnation. To be continued… Crosstalk by Taz: March 2018

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