The Story Of Mankind - Part 7.

Sins Of Our Fathers: It is a sad fact that where conflict is rife and has gone before, our children get dragged into it. Because of the sins of our fathers, our children grow up thinking that conflict is a natural part of life. It has been glamorised so much in the past that children run around with toy guns pretending to kill each other because they think it is the way. This mentality grows older with them until they form gangs with their friends. Sometimes that gang mentality breeds fatal consequences as childhood fantasies are played out in real life in towns and cities across the globe. The way we are educated, indoctrinated, programmed, trained, or brought up is everything that we are and can become. People can only be different if they are brought up to be different. This is therefore important and needs to be given the utmost attention if we are ever to resolve the issues on this planet. We must understand the issues that cause the problems in the first place.

All On The Same Side! Perceived division is a major problem. People are misled from birth to think that we're all on different sides, but this is wrong! Sides are for people with small minds who can’t see beyond race, religion, country, colour and selfish political views. The fact is, when you look at the bigger picture, such as from a few thousand miles up, we are definitely all on the same side. Why? Because we live on a globe and a globe is round. It therefore only has one side and we’re all on it. Or if you prefer, we’re all in it! So, let us not be fooled, there is no difference in men, except for what we think and are led to believe. Countries are a fabrication of the human psyche, there are no real borders except the ones we formulate, often based on natural geology and these can and do change, as we know. Language varies with location, but, it doesn't have to, it is simply the way we have evolved on this planet. We could quite easily all speak the same language and maybe one day we all will. However, accents I guess will always vary, even if language doesn’t. But is that a reason to fight? Men have found it so in the past. But then, we can always find an excuse to fight if we want to, and some people simply want to do just that it seems. However, most of us would rather we didn’t get dragged into it, especially when it comes to any nuclear predicament.

Tarred By Association: Perhaps in our quest to simplify our understanding of the world and identify with those we grow up with in our own tribe we are driven through various mechanisms to label and pigeonhole each other from birth. If you join a particular club or align with a particular movement, you become a part of what they stand for. If people in that movement do bad things, even though you may not be bad yourself, you can still fall victim and be tarred by association. But despite all the perceived differences in humanity and in our various forms of upbringing and indoctrination, we have commonality in the form of our abilities and emotional framework. That is God-given and remains the same wherever we may look for all life on Earth. We may vary in shape, size and colour and belief but we all rely on and need the same basics in life to live and to be happy, food, water and somewhere to live. But, equally important, freedom and personal autonomy! That is a gift from God to all men and women and should not be denied by anyone. Where this is hampered or impeded and people have their freedom taken away, discontent will follow. Depending on circumstances, such inconsideration may just result in a bad marriage, a bad working relationship, or civil unrest. Alternatively, of course, it can and does result in war, potentially on a catastrophic scale.

Time For Change! The unfortunate way this planet is currently managed is not a workable life principle and if it doesn’t change, mankind may not survive. The way the human body works is a known and established workable life principle. It involves resource sharing and, as with any complex mechanism, consideration of all parts, where this doesn’t happen the body fails and dies. There is a lesson in this. The body can only survive and operate effectively if this life principle is applied. The body does not have one cell giving all the orders and hogging all the nourishment and it wouldn’t work if it did. However, this is not the way we are conditioned. Why? Because the greedy controlling elite want all the spoils for themselves and they don’t want to share the power or the wealth. In fact, often not content with what they already have, they want to use the common man to try and amass more. The bottom line is that one single cell cannot possibly have the knowledge and the understanding to run the whole show and that is why mankind on Earth is currently failing so abysmally. Every country is currently run by an individual or a small group of individuals who don’t care about the rest. It is time for change and we now have a way to bring about that change. To be continued…
Crosstalk by Taz: February 2018

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