The Story Of Mankind - Part 6.

Leader Of The Gang: For one reason or another, war has been a major dominant factor in this world since mankind came about. War is always the result of immoral behaviour, indoctrination, bad programming and being conned. The ordinary people of this world are then herded into a position most of us would rather not be in. A war is usually started by one man or woman giving the word. That one man or woman, the leader of the gang, will be supported by an inner circle of people around them, who will go along with them and help enforce that decision upon the masses. In great wars, the ordinary people have to fight and fund the war. In lesser wars, the fighting is done by the regular armed forces, but the war is still funded by the ordinary people. War, does a lot of damage and whether served hot or cold, it costs a lot of money. No one ever really wins as we pander to selfish idiots who cannot be trusted, have an egotistical megalomaniacal control complex and think it’s acceptable to take from and interfere in the lives of others in others’ countries as well as their own.

Demented Old Man: When WW2 came to the end, Hitler was happy to take his own life and the lives of those close to him, including the children. He was also happy to sacrifice the kids of the Hitler youth, ordering them to fight and make a futile last stand for Berlin. Should we be surprised? This is the guy that sanctioned the cold-blooded execution of six-million Jews, cripples, women, children and non-combatants. He caused the world upheaval on a scale previously unprecedented. If he’d had a nuclear bomb, I’m sure he would have used it, and yet this man was ruler of a nation! How was he ever sanctioned that amount of power? Nevertheless, he had serious supporters. This drugged up senile demented old man, that wouldn’t go the first round in one of nature’s traditional alpha male contests, conned the people and built himself a massive power base, and then used it to destroy the world. He turned nation against nation, people against people, and destroyed millions of lives causing decimation of towns and cities. He massively exploited the indoctrinated differences and divisions that are simply all in the mind. Hence the value of propaganda and lies to such people as they go about the business of getting others to do what they want, convincing them that it is a good idea when it absolutely isn’t! Dealing with these kinds of people when they worm their way into power and are so up their own backsides is definitely a challenge! Can it ever be done?

Eradicating Bugs: Some people in this world are certainly ready to live in peace but as a whole, mankind needs a major upgrade to his moral framework. Yes, nowadays everybody is familiar with the concept of upgrades and updates to eradicate bugs and corrupt information from today’s computers and mobile phones. Nobody likes to keep crashing! Being programmable devices, human beings and mankind on Earth are no different. We have to work to get the bugs out, both individually and for our planet as a whole. Some would say that such an upgrade is long overdue. Greed, crime, cybercrime, other immoral acts and lack of trust are rampant and the buzz of war reverberates around our planet appearing to give some people an absolute thrill. It causes massive problems for the ordinary people and drains resources globally! The real issue however is, have enough people in this world seen enough to bring about some change, or do we carry on regardless?

Heads and T ails: The fact is we only know what we know about good and bad because we’ve had the chance to live the experience and see it for ourselves. Some would therefore say that this is a valid argument for keeping the planet the way it is because, although not very nice, it is far more educational. It’s far more enlightening to know both sides of the coin, heads and tails. Everything we come across in life we reference to our knowledge of experience - a kind of benchmark. Therefore, the greater the width of our knowledge of experience, the greater our understanding of all things and our ability to cope and react accordingly! This is beneficial for our appreciation in the long run, and after all, we make this planet the way it is. It is also true that the engineering ethos behind our evolutionary programme likes to let nature take its course with a minimum of interference. However, just as when the planet was ready and mature enough to start the development of mankind, the dinosaurs had to be eradicated by dropping a rock on the planet, here we are again. The dinosaur mentality is still with us and isn’t contusive to the long-term survival of our planet. We have reached another KT boundary and it is time to ‘rock’ the world again. This time metaphorically. By revealing the truth. I think it’s fair to say that most ordinary people all over this world have had enough of the idiots in charge sacrificing our money and our lives on their childish and selfish behaviour!
Crosstalk by Taz: January 2018

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