The Story Of Mankind - Part 5.

Why Do We Fight Wars? Today we generally understand that human beings fight wars to try and take control of, or exploit other people, their lands and their assets. The reasons we fight wars, unless in self-defence are always immoral and usually a reflection of man’s greed, selfishness, ignorance, stupidity and inability to work things out. In nature we see animals fighting over territory, food and females. These things have instinctive value to the animals. Mankind certainly fights over territory but human beings have taken this behaviour to a new level to take in things that we covet and have given value to in our minds, such as gold, silver and diamonds. We have also taken it to a new level as some set out to exploit and use others for toil, and so came about slavery. We have also taken war and aggression to a new level in the lands of others to exploit the mineral wealth such as precious metals and of course oil. However, human beings are not only interested in fighting for territorial, monetary, or mineral gain, some human beings think they are better than others and more justified in living and therefore justified in exterminating others for a warped perceived difference in their heads or for a different place of birth. This perceived difference and resultant alienation is all a manmade illusion and completely all in the mind. It is due simply to differences in our education, place of birth, language upbringing and indoctrination. Unfortunately, some people see this as a reason to fall out and fight and go on to commit acts that will scar their souls for ever. Such is life on Earth at present!

Programmable Devices: If you were to swap two enemies from different places of birth or from different religions over as babies, they would largely grow up to become each other and be fighting on the opposite side. That is how ridiculous mankind looks at present! And yet, we don’t seem to get it! The fact is we are all programmable devices and that programming is crucial. It makes the world the way it currently is. That programming, or education, is also crucial in achieving some change for the better on this planet. As we grow up, we largely believe what we are told to believe and some people can be programmed to believe and do anything. We can all be conned and we have been. The devious selfish manipulators in this world have certainly exploited that. However, it’s not like we haven’t been told! As parents we often find ourselves telling our kids not to be selfish or to fight and squabble over their toys, etc. By the time we are adults many of us seem to have forgotten this lesson and we behave like selfish children again. Money and resources are now the issues and the spoils and the toys are much bigger. Of course, some are much more dangerous.

Blame God? Many people blame God for the state of the world. Some disbelieve in any such entity saying if there was a God he would do something about the state of the world. However, you can’t tell people what they don’t want to hear, they have to work it out for themselves, and they’re entitled to do so. More than that, it’s important that they do so, so they properly understand. You can advise, but the end result and the realisation must be theirs. As it happens, via one or two people over the years God has told us how to be and how the tune should go, however, we’re not interested in playing his tune, we’d obviously rather play our own. Never mind all the out of tune rubbish in religion, the message is actually very simple… Care, share and be fair. It doesn’t get much simpler. The fact is, we’re not really interested. We’d rather argue, fight and be greedy! In fact we even argue and fight over religion. So there we go! Don’t blame God! It’s us!

A Relic From The Dark Age: The way many people are programmed and indoctrinated with religion has been a major factor in hostility between groups over the centuries. People pervert religions and the word of God to suit and portray their own bigoted views that completely miss the point. Some make themselves feel big as they go on the rampage with crusades and jihads. If you don’t join our club, we’ll give you a hard time! These people are thugs and bullies and do not represent anything Godly. God does not believe in imposition. God believes in education and being allowed the privilege of making up one’s own mind. That is why we all have freewill and those who deny this God-given privilege to others as they impose their own bigoted views and ill will are walking on very thin ice. The fact is we have all been badly misled by the architects of religions and the people that get sucked into religion seem to think that their religion is the only one. However, all religion is archaic and a relic from the Dark Age. It needs to be brought up to date and in line with today’s science and modern understanding. Much of it is way out of step and many people who preach it haven’t got a clue, but they may make themselves feel superior in the process perhaps!
Crosstalk by Taz: December 2017

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