The Story Of Mankind - Part 3.

Play It By Ear: The ability to adapt to circumstance, or play it by ear, is essential in all areas of life. We never quite know what’s around the corner and those that can do this have a much better chance of performing well and of coping or surviving. Without this quality we could go nowhere in a hurry. This basis of evolution and our life programme applies just the same to an individual honing and improving one’s abilities, skills and talents, as it does to a species needing to cope with a change in environment or living circumstances. The intrinsic ability to adjust, improve and adapt to change in circumstance is invaluable and as we try and emulate nature by coding adaption and evolutionary techniques into our own computer programmes, we are just copying something that most of us simply take for granted, and yet what a remarkable achievement this is. Biological machinery that can consciously and subconsciously make decisions based on changing circumstances and environment. That can be creative and engineer great feats. That can propagate, enjoyably, and give birth, painfully - lessons in everything. That can evolve and adapt automatically according to need. That has the ability to love and the ability to enjoy life! It is remarkably clever. Even though we ourselves now try and apply many of nature’s concepts in our own engineering projects, as we try and reach new heights, we can’t say we’ve invented them, because these concepts are already in action all around us. Nature and our life programme has been utilising them for years.

In God’s Image? We would generally accept that all computer programmes have to be written or composed somehow and that all construction projects have to be engineered. Generally things don’t self-assemble and put themselves together in an orderly and meaningful fashion without instruction. Getting a pile of what the Bible calls ‘dust’ to automatically turn into a living, thinking, able human being, or anything else, is a very clever feat of engineering. A construction project as sophisticated, as colossal, and as complete as what we have on Earth, is mindboggling for us to try and understand. And yet because we are made in ‘God’s image’, whoever or whatever he may be, we can now all see and understand the principles of what is going on. Of course the environment has to be right, however, once you have a life programme, creation is as simple as planting a seed. We can all understand that because we do it all the time to propagate and give birth. For us, it’s as simple as enjoying a very enjoyable act of love. Nature does the rest for us. How thoughtful and wonderful our mystical creator and engineer must be!

Who Created God? I have heard the question asked that if God created us, who created God? ‘Upon asking God this question, there was no answer, just a notable lengthy silence, he then let out an almighty chuckle that reverberated across the sky and said jokingly, "It’s going to take me a little while to work that one out!", and he laughed heartily again!’ The simple answer seems to be that nobody knows. The story goes so far back in time that it’s untraceable and there was no one around to record it. What we can know is that at some point somewhere in the very distant past, conscious life came about in our universe and our universe became self-aware. What caused it, or brought it into being, what the conditions or circumstances were, we don’t know. Of course, much like the picture painted on Earth, our beginnings must have been very primitive and basic. We can perhaps surmise, but the universe is a big place, full of ancient happenings going back billions of years, so we’ll probably never know. It boggles the mind to even try and imagine, so perhaps we should just focus on the present and not worry about it too much. As said, "Conscious abilities we accept. It matters not so much how they came about so much as what we do with them!" In other words, as conscious entities, it’s far more important to focus on how we behave now and where we go from here.

A Simple Formula: The ultimate goal of evolution is obviously working to improve. Building on what we have and honing our being. We have been given everything we need in this wonderful world, this Garden Of Eden, (eden / need), food and materials aplenty. Some would say this is just coincidence, but some have a lot to learn! In fact many people in this world have a lot to learn, especially the ones that continually mess it up for the rest of us. Achieving a good life, good living and having good fun with bags of enjoyment in a world blessed with everything you could ever want is a very simple formula. All we have to do is care, share and be fair! And yet, so many human beings find this so hard to do as they walk all over others without a second thought causing perpetual war on this planet.
Crosstalk by Taz: October 2017

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