The Story Of Mankind - Part 2.

Programming Life: Charles Darwin was somewhat reluctant to publish his thoughts on evolution because he thought it may offend church going folk who would think he was trying to rule out the role or possibility of God or a creator, and it did. However, this was basically because he, or the church, didn’t understand what was actually going on. The concepts behind what we have were not recognised or understood. There is in fact absolutely no reason why creative engineering and self-assembly cannot be one and the same. In fact, just a few years on, we now do it all the time with our own production line technology and we’re absolute beginners. Plus, there is another very prominent example of self-assembly and a life programme that completely takes care of itself. The miracle of childbirth. Again all the instructions and programming information for self-assembly are in the genes. All we have to do is plant the seed. The rest takes care of itself. In fact all of our bodily functions are automated, leaving us free to enjoy life without having to worry about when to breathe or to beat the heart. We can just sit back and enjoy the ride and use that conscious mind space in our heads for other activities such as playing the guitar, watching a movie, cooking a nice meal, or playing sport, etc. How wonderful life can be when we use it for good and enjoyable things!

I.C.!!! What Charles Darwin was observing and trying to understand, he had no way of backing up with any science. At the time, mankind on Earth had no knowledge or understanding of concepts such as DNA, genetics, computers, computer programmes, single cells, intelligent biological building blocks, and we certainly had no way of understanding or considering the fact that we are technology ourselves. In fact we can now recognise that we are advanced biological machinery and since the advent of the computer chip, integrated circuit, or I.C. and the realisation of information technology, or I.T., we can now see and appreciate that each of our human bodies are made of billions of highly sophisticated, intelligent organic microchips, all coming together to work as one to make up the human being. This is all dependent on the programming in our genes and our DNA. The technology that has gone into each of us is far in advance of our own current understanding, however, we now know enough to be able to note and observe much of it in action and can even understand how it works – I.C. We have come quite a long way since the apple and indeed, we now copy and employ many of nature’s techniques in the production of our own engineering.

Artificial Intelligence: Since the birth and development of our own computers and today’s information technology or I.T., we have been improving our own programming skills and for many years trying to implement intelligent decision making into the code that we write. A very simplistic example of this is the predictive text in your phone. However, it is notably annoying at times, as it inserts words that have nothing to do with the overall concept of your message. That is because it has no perception of the overall concept. It cannot relate to the sentence or the message as a whole and cannot therefore intelligently decide which word it is that needs to be inserted. Early days! In other areas, we do programme quite a high degree of artificial intelligence into our modern systems. The next real step we have been trying to undertake is to emulate what we all have as human beings. Not only human beings, but in fact all life on Earth. That is the ability to learn from experience to the point of developing understanding. This is a massive step compared to anything we have quite yet developed with our own systems. Once we are in the realms of learning from experience, we can talk about training. Yes, even your dog and your pet mouse have that ability, and in fact even the dog’s fleas. As for us, as human beings we can train to be anything in sport, music, academia, cuisine, the sky’s the limit and beyond! How wonderful all of these abilities that we are gifted and simply take for granted are and how amazing the technology behind it is! And yet, there is even more to come!

C L ever: The word technology comes from a Greek word meaning systematic treatment. However, to us today, the word technology obviously encompasses far, far more. What lies beyond the technological horizon we are ever trying to peer over is anybody’s guess. Everlasting life, well, why not! What else have we got to do with our time? Other life mechanisms, other life systems? More suited for swimming about in space? Conscious energy? What the Bible calls spirit. It’s not magic! It’s simply life technology. Science and engineering! Mechanics! See and apply lever. C lever and learn ever. That is what we have the ability to do. That is our life programme and what we have been given. That is our evolution!
Crosstalk by Taz: September 2017

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