The Story Of Mankind - Part 1.

In The Beginning: Earth is a very beautiful planet. When we look around the solar system, and indeed now further afield, we can see it is very special. Other places are completely barren, effectively just lumps of rock or great big balls of gas. Although some believe that what we have has all just appeared by sheer coincidence, we can now observe that the odds and the science are much more in favour of it being engineered. Planetary engineering to prepare an environment to suit a very clever life programme embedded in the DNA and our genes. There are clues and hints in the childlike Bible stories and similar, to the fact that there is someone or something behind this engineering. In fact the Bible may just hint at the knowledge and that genetic life programme in the name of the first chapter, Genesis. Gen = the knowledge. Genes = the programming information. Genesis = the beginning. However, up until proof beyond doubt can be presented to us, this story has always been sold to us as a matter of faith and tarnished by religion.

Plan ET: At the time that story in Genesis was written, mankind could only cope with a childlike interpretation. Some people don’t do much better even now. However, as our general understanding grows, we can begin to see and understand the science and some of the mechanisms behind what we have. In fact, building on what we have been given, mankind is nearly in a position to be able to play God himself. Of course we don’t live our physical lives in the same time scale, they are not currently everlasting and logistically we’re not likely to be in a position to hop anywhere in space in a hurry, however, we can now understand the principles and much of the science of our creation and the kind of thing that would have to be done to plan and bring about such engineering on a planetary scale. To prepare, seed and populate a planet such as ours and move life further into space – plan ET.

Me SS: I think most of us would agree that life on Earth is currently a mess. Most of us would also agree that one of the main reasons for this is war. We would also agree that the main reasons for war are greed and the desire of some to control and walk all over others. It is true that Earth is very beautiful and would be very peaceful without mankind. However, mankind and the cultivation of intelligent life, made in ‘God’s image’, is the obvious goal of this programme. Despite what some may think, made in God’s image simply means we have the same emotional framework and ability to reason. We are a modular life form and it’s not size, but principle that counts. We are life that can communicate. Life that can capture knowledge of experience, the basis upon which all understanding is built. Life that is capable of love and capable of appreciation and respect. Life that can come together to integrate and work as one to produce something much greater, solve problems and cross new frontiers. Life that is capable of appreciating, participating in and enjoying creative art, sport and music. Life that is capable of being able to consciously engineer and create. However, there is downside to this. As we have seen for ourselves, life that is capable of consciously creating is also capable of consciously destroying. In fact some of us are more interested in destroying than in anything else it seems! But then we are also life that is free to choose! As with all children, we can be quite horrible to each other at times and as a planet, sooner or later, we must learn to grow up!

Natural Adaption: What Charles Darwin observed, and what many people think of as natural selection, is in fact more a case of natural adaption. It is a very clever and intelligent intrinsic part of our life programme. Yes, there is a case to be said for survival of the fittest, however survival of the fittest and natural selection are not responsible for many of the changes we see in various life forms on this planet. Nevertheless, natural adaption is, and although perhaps not the whole story, it is a very big part of it and it is evident everywhere. We are all already aware of this and it is the reason why people go to the gym. Use it or lose it! Life does adapt, not by chance, but by design. If nature thinks that it has to develop a certain ability to reach its goal, it can and it does. It is that clever. Conversely, nature will not waste energies on things superfluous to our needs, and if you don’t need your tail anymore, it will wither and eventually drop off. Likewise, if you don’t use your muscles, they will wither just the same. Skin colour is dependent upon climate and exposure to the sun and if you live in a cave, you will ultimately lose your eyesight and your skin pigment as nature turns and applies its resources to where they are most needed and appropriate. Our life programme is very clever indeed and it’s all pre-programmed and automated.
Crosstalk by Taz: August 2017

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